7 Steps to Marketing Success How to create a marketing system

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7 Steps to Marketing Success How to create a marketing system John Jantsch Duct Tape Marketing @ducttape

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Save Your Self Time Energy and Money

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Marketing is a System Strategy before tactics Fill your marketing hourglass Publish educational content Create a total web presence Use a lead generation trio Lead conversion is the X factor Live by the calendar

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1) Strategy Before Tactics

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Strategy before tactics Identify your ideal client Define a core difference Focus on a few priorities Make the competition irrelevant

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Profit Referrals What are the common characteristics of your most profitable customers that also refer your business to their friends, neighbors and colleagues?”

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Sketch them How would I spot your ideal customer? Create personas

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Customer driven strategy Why did you buy? Why do you stay? What’s one thing you loved? What frustrates you? What would you Google? Who else do you refer?

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You talking logo What do you do for a living? How you do it in a unique way

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Change the context of how the world views you The Contractor’s Architect (an architect helping clients get paid faster) Make the competition irrelevant Access to Completion (a school scheduling software that helps Universities graduate more students) Your primary objective

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Strategy case study What you do for a living “We help contractors get paid faster” Complimentary statement “Zoning adjustment compliance system” Positioning goal/statement #1 Design/Build Architect Core marketing message “The Contractors Architect”

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2) Build your Marketing Hourglass

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57% of a typical purchase decision is made before a customer even talks to a supplier. Source: CEB

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53% of those surveyed claimed that the sales experience itself was one of the greatest contributing factors in continued loyalty to the brand. Source: CEB

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The funnel is broken “When it comes to lead and referral generation, a happy customer is the best tool.”

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Revenue Department! Outcome Deparment The Marketing and Sales Hourglass

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Definition of Marketing

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Definition of Sales

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Map all customer touchpoints Marketing Sales Enrollment Service Education Follow-up Finance

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The Marketing HourglassTM © Duct Tape Marketing – all rights reserved

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Reverse engineer touchpoints 90 days 45 days At purchase Trial Nurture Trust Awareness

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3) Publish Educational Content

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The publishing model Body of work Major themes (keywords) Editorial calendar Mixed platform

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Total Content SystemTM Create a list of monthly Landmark Content Themes Develop your Content Delivery Platform Create and use an editorial calendar

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Sample theme list Jan – Referral Marketing Feb – Coaching and Consulting Mar – Sales and Lead d Conversion Apr – Online Integration May – Writing Jun – Strategic Partners Jul – Customer Experience Aug – Content Marketing Sep – High Tech, High Touch Oct – Growth Strategies Nov – Analytics and Conversion Dec – Personal Growth

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Finding themes Brainstorm Keyword tools Google Keyword Planner BuzzSumo – find most shared

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Buzz Sumo

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Content powers the journey Blog posts Events Advertising How to Reviews Testimonials Articles eBooks Demos Workshops FAQs Case studies Interviews Contests OPC Peers Trials Personalization

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Content Delivery Platform Blog/Podcast Video/Slideshare Newsletter/eBooks Guest posts Webinars Infographics Offline

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4) Total Online Presence

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Total Online Presence Content platform Organic SEO Email marketing Social media marketing Online advertising Mobile and location Analytics and conversion

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Online foundation Lead capture forms Landing pages A/B Blog/Podcast Newsletter/eBooks Webinars Sharing/social Measurement

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Connection through Context Hootsuite Feedly Talkwalker Diigo Pulse Feedly Scoop.it Newsle Word Swag Canva List.ly Visual.ly Hootsuite Feedly Buffer Nimble Groups Contactually

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Collect Customers – Twitter Lists Journalists – Talkwalker Alerts Influencers - Alltop Competitors – RivalIQ Industry – Quora Feeds Blogs – Feedly

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5) Lead Generation Trio

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Lead generation Advertising Public relations Referral systems

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Advertising Control Narrowly targeted Direct response Accountable Content awareness Test and track

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Public Relations in 7 steps Build your list Match your message Pitch relevant stories Guest and contribute Conduct influencer outreach Build speaking opportunities Consistently release

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Referrals Champions Education Offers Tools Community

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Marketing partners Joint ventures Coopetition Vendor/supplier Strategic relationships

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Surprise! Exceed expectations Free something? Partner gift certificate Flowers

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6) Lead Conversion is the X factor

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Lead Conversion Discovery – Next step Presentation – Seminar Nurturing – Sales cycle Monthly touches Transaction – Same experience

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7) Live by The Calendar

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Organization chart Separate but connected You have every function Replace yourself

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Marketing calendar Overall plan Editorial plan Plan ahead Spreadsheet, Tom’s Planner, Smartsheet

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Marketing budget Growth plan Lifetime value Acquisition cost Investment vs. cost Spreadsheet/Smartsheet

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System documentation Process map by org chart Priority list Checklist approach Process.st

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