Meet the Experts Growth Hacking Lessons for Start Ups and Enterprise

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Meet the Experts Growth Hacking Lessons for Start Ups and Enterprise Presented by Jackie Lamping, Sr. Director of Growth Marketing Hiten Shah, Co-Founder and President of KISSmetrics

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Growth Hacking Lessons for Startups and Enterprises AdRoll Webinar Hiten Shah hnshah@gmail.com

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doing business on the web FOR 12 years finding and solving marketing problems

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What Marketing Felt Like

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Now, There’s a Ton of Marketing Tools

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What It Often Feels Like Now

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Lots of Data in all the Tools You Use http://kissmetrics.com/features

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You Need to Optimize All Your Marketing http://kissmetrics.com/features

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Marketing is now engineered, iterated upon and requires more technical chops than ever before.

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Lewis Carroll Author of Alice in Wonderland

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simple rule of marketing Figure out what’s working. Do more of it.

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A simple framework for choosing what to do and improve

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Find pages with high traffic and high bounce rate http://google.com/analytics

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Find pages with high traffic and low conversion rate http://unbounce.com

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Find sources with high traffic and low conversion rate http://hubspot.com

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Find ad campaigns with high impressions and low CTR http://adroll.com

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Find opportunities based on user paths http://kiss.ly/kmpath

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High Traffic Low Traffic High Conversions Low Conversions

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A Few Growth Hacking Strategies For Any Budget!

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Hunt for A/B testing opportunities Where do you have the most visitors, users, customers, emails, or notifications? (More volume means shorter test duration)

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Common areas with large volume and high impact potential

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Learn the why behind your data

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Discover if your web pages are effective at their goal http://qualaroo.com

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Use exit surveys to learn why people bounce http://qualaroo.com

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Use surveys to understand why people converted http://qualaroo.com

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Learn what frustrates people

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Find people who don’t do things and email them email + surveymonkey

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Not enough traffic? Need proof? Get videos of real users. http://peek.usertesting.com

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96% of individuals leave a website before converting 49% of individuals visit a site 2 - 4 times before they actually make a purchase

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Retargeting helps you easily get website visitors to… Compete their purchase Get back in the funnel Remember the brand View more content Finish setting up and more

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Create lots of retargeting lists Use targeted copy for your ads Exclude specific audiences Rotate your ads weekly Align your messaging with your website Stop showing ads to people who convert Quick Retargeting Tips

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Hiten Shah hnshah@gmail.com @hnshah How can I help you?