Digital Trends Report 2015

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Digital Trends Report 2015

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Choice in content delivery is going to be one of the most important trends of 2015

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“2015 will see marketers learn how to maximise the feature sets of individual channels” Unified Digital Experiences

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Cards are set to become the building blocks of the modern web Multiple screens, multiple methods, one story

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In 2015 we will begin to see content created specifically to be delivered into cars The content car

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The best advertising is frictionless, appearing at the right time to the right person Making advertising routine

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Data, not devices, is what will have the biggest impact on health Dr Data is around the corner

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If we’re using a free service, then the currency we’re paying with is our personal data There’s no such thing as a (digital) free lunch

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18-25 year olds are most likely to make use of ad blocking software Tech is so not in darling

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Retailers are out of step with consumers when it comes to 3-D printing, wearables and facial recognition Moving fashion forward

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The insights, analytics and ROI advantages of digital have convinced election co-ordinators to spend big” Going digital: the road to the UK General Election

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