The Power of Prioritization

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The Power of Prioritization Based on research from a sales optimization study by Velocify

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The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. “ Stephen Covey American educator, author, businessman, and keynote speaker

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The Premise

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Salespeople using a prioritized list of leads and activities are able to: Work more leads Boost engagement Add more revenue

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The Results You should know that this was a large study of 400+ companies and a million leads. The numbers are solid.

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Salespeople who use prioritization to determine their daily sales activities are able to manage more leads.

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The leads they do manage also get more attention—as seen by the number of actions and contact attempts and total talk time per lead.

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Salespeople using prioritization took 22% more actions per lead.

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The number of contact attempts per lead was 33% higher for salespeople who used automated prioritization.

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Salespeople using prioritization were able to take 37% more actions, make 49% more contact attempts, and increase their talk time by 88%.

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Salespeople working off of a prioritized list were 19% more likely to call new leads in less than five minutes and 26% more likely to call new leads in less than one hour.

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Faster speed-to-call times result in far higher contact and conversion rates for users of prioritization.

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On average, salespeople who use prioritization had 15% higher contact and conversion rates than those who didn’t use prioritization.

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The average conversion rate was 97% higher.

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Companies whose salespeople used prioritized lists more than 70% of the time had conversion rates that were 29% greater than average.

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Companies whose salespeople used prioritized lists almost exclusively enjoyed conversion rates that were 49% greater than average.

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Read the blog post by James Obermayer. Get your own copy of the study. Want more data?

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Many thanks to... James W. Obermayer @SalesldMgmtAssn Dan McDade @PointClearPD Jorge Jeffery @Velocify

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