PR Lessons Learned from Taylor Swift Solomon/Turner PR http://www.solomonturner.com

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PR Lessons Learned from Taylor Swift Solomon/Turner PR http://www.solomonturner.com

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Marketing Strategy Behind The Taylor Swift Brand Successful release of 1989, 2014’s top selling album, provides a classic case study in PR tactics and techniques other businesses can follow. Here’s the strategy…

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1. Influence The Influencers What she did… She invited people to her homes to let them hear music in advance of general release, posed for photos etc. to create hype and buzz.

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What You Can Do… Provide advanced copies of yet to be released products to key trusted customers, even media. Let clients know about any new service you will be providing well in advance of a company announcement or general information release.

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2. Spread Different Messages Across Social Media Channels What she did… Utilized various forms of social media. Designed posts, photos and more specifically for the platform in use. Even responded directly to some fans for added buzz and excitement.

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What You Can Do… Use social media to spread the word across as many relevant channels as possible. Create separate messages for each social media outlet, instead of sending the same message the same way on all platforms. Personalize them for the different audiences on each channel.

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3. Partner Up What she did… Enlisted her A list music and film friends to promote her album on their social sites.

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What You Can Do… Host an event with a company that provides non-competitive, but complimentary product offerings to yours. Promote to their clients as well as yours, greatly increasing your exposure to their customers and vice-versa.

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4. Use All Facets of Traditional Media What she did… Appeared on nearly all talk shows both day and night. Secured cover space on magazines and articles in major newspapers.

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What You Can Do… Secure earned media or PR type articles in newspapers, business journals and as many trade publications as applicable. Many firms also have products and services conducive to TV and radio interviews.

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5. Attack, Attack, Attack What she did… Once the album launched she went into a full court press and dominated the media. Also stayed in constant contact with fans on social media. Even worked out a deal with Target for added promotion.

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What You Can Do… When launching a new product or service muster all marketing muscle and deliver the message across all pertinent channels at the same time. Run these concurrently to reach heightened levels of awareness and to speed the effort to reach sales and marketing objectives.

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