10 Steps for a Killer Marketing Campaign

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How to create a killer content marketing campaign (10 simple steps)

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10 simple steps

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1.Make time Don’t blame time limitations for not not being able to create content that really makes an impact. Use the suggestion by @ExactTargetUK and implement a time tracking system to gain a better insight of where resources should be allocated. That way you can create accountability, making it easier to meet goals and expectations successfully .

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2. Be consistent 43% of marketers say they’re producing more content than the year before... 24% are producing “significantly more” than the year before, according to @webdotcom. Produce consistently engaging content by listening to feedback from your clients and honing your content.

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3. Don’t let a limited budget hold you back This doesn’t mean you have to make less of an impact, just that you need to think about different and clever ways of sharing information. Don’t use limited staff or budget as an excuse!

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4. Connect your content to your business values Throughout the process of content creation ensure that your business values are at the core of your messages. @Forrester says 85% of marketing leaders fail to connect content activity to business values, preventing clients from engaging effectively.

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5. Build a structure @chadPollitt claims one of the biggest blockers to successful content marketing is the organisational structure. Influence the culture of your organisation and make a positive impact on your content marketing efforts by building a powerful case for structure. Use feedback and analytics to develop a thorough plan. Then sell it to everyone you can get to listen.

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6. Document your progress A written content marketing strategy is essential. 43% of those with a written strategy say they’re good at tracking their ROI Only 3% of those without a written strategy say they’re good at tracking their ROI

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7. Use search engine marketing Use this as an affordable way of spreading the word about your business. Search engine marketing The process of using relevant keywords related to your product and services in order to attract targeted future clients and direct them to your content.

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8. Social media Research by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) shows that Google+ is on the rise and now part of many B2B marketers’ social media planning. 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content says @ColContent.

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9. Measure, measure, measure Track your SEO progress through tools like Moz, to start to really understand your ROI. Use tools like Google Analytics and run Google Adword campaigns to measure instantly the impact of any digital media campaign.

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10. Adapt your strategy Creating and measuring your content is only valuable if you do it accordingly. Learning what does and doesn’t work is essential, and changing your approach to suit is vital. This is the most important point, but comes at the end of our list because it can only happen once you’ve completed points 1-9.

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