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@Jennifer Cario Pin down a Winning PR strategy

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Who is this Jennifer Cario Person?

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If You are Tweeting this webinar… @jennifercario @sugarspunmkt @cision

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Just in case you’ve lived under a rock

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What is Pinterest? A web based inspiration board…

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Visual Bookmarking Standard Bookmarking Visual Bookmarking

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It Redefines Web Search Pinterest Search Standard Search

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What is Pinterest? Great for Engaging with your fans Great for Attracting your fans and researching targets. Source: comScore

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Let’s Clear Up Some Misconceptions

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What Most People Still Think of as Pinterest

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The New Reality 29% of Pinterest users 71% of Pinterest Users Source: comScore, Pinterest, Pew Internet 13% of male Internet users 42% of female Internet users 64% make >$50K 75% are non-urban 70M Active Users

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Pinterest is a Growing Platform for Men Source: comScore, Pinterest, Pew Internet 33% new signups 50% non-US signups 73% year over year More men read Pinterest each month than Sports Illustrated and GQ Combined

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Pins have Immense value and Potential Source: Picora The average pins drives two visits and six page views The average pin is worth 78 cents in sales The average pin receives 11 repins ? of visits occur 3 months later ? orders occur 2 months The average pin is 100x more viral than a Tweet.

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Before You Get Worried About Going Out of Biz… Don’t worry…you aren’t going out of business any time soon…

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People Use Pinterest to Find Products 47% of online shoppers have made a purchase based on a Pinterest recommendation $179 Source: SearchEngineJournal.com, Gigya.com Pinterest grabs 41% of e-com social sharing (FB = 37%) $80 $69 27% more revenue/click 400% more revenue/click

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The Pinterest Smart Feed

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Pinterest Finally Builds an Algorithm Remember When One Obsessed Pinner Could Flood Your Feed?

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Introducing the Pinterest Smart Feed Based on Three Key Premises Different sources of pins mixed up at different rates…

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Introducing the Pinterest Smart Feed Based on Three Key Premises Some pins should be shown now, while some are shown later

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Introducing the Pinterest Smart Feed Based on Three Key Premises Pins have different value based on source and topic

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So What Does This Mean To You? Great Content = Increased Visibility Easy to Understand Visual Keyword Rich Descriptive Text Leads to Popular Web Site High Volume of Pin and Like Activity

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Why Pinterest Matters to PR

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Recognize the Traffic Potential Second highest social media referral channel. Only Pinterest and Facebook have experienced solid growth as a referral in the last four years.

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Trends and Ideas

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Trendspotting in your Pinterest Feed Barn Wedding Anyone? Mason Jar Mania... Wishing I Sold Rain Barrels...

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Discovering Co-Opted Content Ideas Smith Family Reunion Seneca High Senior Prom Birthday Party Ideas Morristown VFD Fundraiser SBMU Conference Fun Five New Content Variation Ideas

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Outreach and Pitch Research

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Pinterest Serves a Unique Research Purpose Who are they connected to? What is their life like? Who are they interested in? What news do they follow? What strikes their fancy? What are their interests, their obsessions and the things they dig deep into? * Pinterest is the only place where it is not obnoxious to obsess.

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Dig Deep Into the Interests of Your Target Fitness Pitch Hair & Makeup Random

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Dig Deep Into the Interests of Your Target Cars Urban Farms Random

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Pinterest’s Secret Boards as PR Tools Keep a secret list of articles and sources Store ideas for an upcoming event or outreach Make quotes, images and links available internally Collectively strategize for a potential client

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Pinterest Secret Boards in Action Event Planning... Outreach Ideas... Take Advantage of Secret Boards

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Use Pinterest to Tell Your Story Let your story connect with other stories to make it stronger Share their stories to better connect with customers Use customer stories as a launch point for sales

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Southwest’s Elf on Board Use Your Own Story to Connect

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A Law School Be Part of Their Story

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Chobani’s Ongoing Pinterest Brilliance Use Stories to Sell Product

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Pinterest as an Image Storehouse?

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Paid Pinterest Outreach & Partnerships

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Paying Top Pinners for Exposure

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Keep Tabs on Pinterest’s Acceptable Use Policy Technically, Paying for Pins Violates TOS

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Paying Top Pinners for Exposure Content Creation Original Posts, Recipes, Tutorials, Images, etc... Amplification Repins and pins of created content by network members Curation Take advantage of existing credibility Agents Yes...they have agents

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Target Partners with Joy Cho

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Pinterest Advertising – Their Version

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Pinterest is Ready for Your Money

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Setting up Promoted Pins Setup is Fast and Easy

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Extremely Low Cost Exposure Initial Testing Shows Potential

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Let’s Look at Some Performance Data Repins are Strong Average organic pin is repinned 11x, paid outperforms No Cost Impressions Only pay for clicks (30% increase in earned media on average) Latent Impact Still Shows Average of 5% increase in earned media in month after campaign

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Let’s Wrap it up with a Freebie

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Free Bonus Tool

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