30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

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30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts www.LaunchGrowJoy.com

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You spent hours researching, writing, finding graphics and uploading your blog posts, but your work isn’t done yet. To get the most out of each blog post, you need to promote it as much as you can.

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Here are 30 ways you can promote each blog post, most of which are FREE. With a little work and planning, you’ll get the most leverage out of each post.

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Facebook Share it on your personal and business pages, groups and through ads.

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2. Twitter Schedule it on Twitter 2-3 times per day for the next 14 days (post a few variations of the title).

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3. Pinterest Create a board specifically for all your blog posts and pin each post to it. If you have different blog post categories, create a board for each category.

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4. Linked In Share on your LinkedIn profile, in groups you belong to and through ads.

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5. Google+ Share your post with your circles and publicly for added SEO benefits.

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6. Instagram Create an eye-catching image for your blog post and share it with your Instagram followers (and make sure to use relevant #hashtags).

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7. StumbleUpon Create an account on StumbleUpon and “stumble” all your posts.

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8. Digg Submit your post to Digg.com to share with others and help them discover.

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9. Reddit One of the most popular bookmarking sites, Reddit.com is a must.

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10. Delicious.com Help others discover your posts when you submit to Delicious.com.

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11. Technorati The top search engine for blogs, Technorati.com is a must.

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12. Your email newsletter Mention your latest blog post in your email newsletter.

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13. Forums Share your blog posts with people in forums and groups that you belong to.

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14. Email signature Add your latest blog posts to your email signature using Wisestamp.com.

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15. RSS Feed Add an RSS fee to automatically notify all those who sign up to receive your latest blog posts.

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16. Leave thoughtful comments Comment on relevant blog posts and include a link to your blog post.

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17. Guest post Submit it as a guest post on other relevant blogs (re-write it to make sure it’s relevant to their audience).

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18. Other blogs Ask influential bloggers in your niche to link to your relevant blog posts.

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19. Reprint Submit it as a reprint to other relevant blogs.

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20. Blogging community Join a blogging community and exchange links with other bloggers.

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21. Outbrain.com Syndicates your blog to sites like CNN.com and FastCompany.com.

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22. Zemanta.com Their network includes hundreds of thousands of popular news sites and blogs.

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23. DemandStudios.com Share your how-to articles and even video posts across their many distribution channels.

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24. Amazon.com Submit your blog to https://kindlepublishing.amazon.com/gp/vendor and you’ll even get paid when Kindle owners read it.

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25. AllTop.com Syndicates content in every category, from autos and food to business and sports.

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26. Taboola.com They deliver your content to top sites like USA Today, The Weather Channel, Fox Sports and Daily Mail and more!

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27. nster.com They deliver your content to a targeted audience at an affordable price.

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28. Business2Community.com Become and expert contributor and syndicate your relevant posts to their site.

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29. SimpleReach.com Promote your blog posts to attract new audiences.

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30. SlideShare.net Turn your blog post into a presentation (like this one) and publish it on Slideshare.

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A FEW MORE TIPS Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Write in your own voice and be authentic. There’s only one YOU.

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A FEW MORE TIPS If you want to gain more readers, be consistent with your blogging efforts, even if that means you blog less frequently. Pick a frequency – daily, weekly, monthly, etc. – and stick with it.

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A FEW MORE TIPS Create visually appealing images with each blog post. Make them relevant and original (don’t steal other people’s photos).

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A FEW MORE TIPS Building readership takes time. The adage “if you build it, they will come” doesn’t work. Instead, think “if you promote/market it, they will come.”

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REMEMBER QUALITY has more impact than QUANTITY, so make it a priority to create great content FIRST.

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Join me, Andreea Ayers, at www.LaunchGrowJoy.com/blog for even more great tips on how to promote your blog posts and grow your business.