B2B marketing success: Aligning marketing and sales to build a demand gen machine

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B2B marketing success: Aligning marketing and sales to build a demand gen machine Speakers: Ben Sardella, Co-founder at Datanyze Nic Zangre, Director of Marketing Operations at AdRoll

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Speakers Nic Zangre Director of Marketing Operations at AdRoll Ben Sardella Co-founder of Datanyze

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Agenda Aligning your org Tools of the trade Revenue sharing Q&A

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Source: MathMarketing (2013) Why are we here? Alignment between marketing and sales can help your company become 67% better at closing deals, 108% better at lead acceptance, and generate 209% more revenue from marketing.

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Leads Opportunities Revenue Conversions Prospecting Nurturing Verticalization/ Named Accounts Account Based Marketing (mis)communication and compromise

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Redefining the relationship Who are our prospects? What data do we need to validate fit? Who are our Marketing Qualified Leads? What is the follow-up time for MQLs? How is data structured in our CRM? How does sales provide a feedback loop? What are our shared goals?

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Do we have all the tools we need?

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Sales & Marketing Infrastructure Digital Analytics Testing Marketing Cloud CRM Data Management Platform Big data architecture Business Intelligence Sales & Marketing Tools Demand Side Platform / Display Content / Social Marketing Platforms Website CMS/WCM/RTP Data Enrichment & Prospecting Lead Scoring / Predictive Analytics Sales & Marketing Automation Sales Enablement Customer Sales & Marketing Tools Advocacy / Networking / Event Management Customer Success Finding the right tool for the job

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Your CRM is the center of your universe

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The web, social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, YouTube) Sales data / list providers Contact databases Data Enrichment & Prospecting Sales intelligence Sales & marketing automation Email tracking Sales enablement E-signature Sales analtics / data visualization Sales Tools The outbound funnel

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The joint goal: revenue

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Implement lead scoring to accelerate the sales cycle Execute on a service level agreement and prioritization process of leads Nurturing the relationship

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Why score leads?

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Content downloads Subscriptions Free trials Tradeshows What makes a lead qualified? Revenue/funding Employees Technologies* Traffic B2B/B2C Title Fit (Explicit) Engagement (Implicit)

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Competitive Techs Complementary Techs Technologies and lead scoring Predictive Lead Scoring

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Lead prioritization and distribution

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Automation can improve efficiency

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Organizing your touchpoints

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Team selling + sharing the credit

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The CxO Mindset

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Questions? Nic Zangre, Director of Marketing Operations Ben Sardella, Co-founder