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take the world take the world IGNITE PR EXPOSURE FOR YOUR GAME LAUNCH

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Established in 2009, Plarium is the largest hardcore games developer on Facebook world-wide with a presence on Web, Social and Mobile platforms. Plarium has seen international success, with 130 million registered users playing our game titles across mobile and social platforms. Sparta: War of Empires – Voted one of Facebook’s Best Games of 2014

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SO HERE’S THE THING… Getting coverage for a game launch is no easy task. Journalists receive dozens of emails each and every day from developers just like you. The right kind of media exposure can make or break a title - Proceed with caution.

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BUT GUESS WHAT? Your game usually isn’t really the story. Don’t take it from me…

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Peter Willington – Editor @AppSpy & Writer @PocketGamer. Would be good if you could provide us [AppSpy] a video when you do, as every story we run has to have a video component. SHOW AND TELL

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Jennifer Allen – Senior Staff Writer @148apps  The main thing that comes up time and time again for me is know your audience. Research into the site you're pitching, as well as the individual you're emailing. Journalists usually have very limited time and a mountain of emails to work through. Find something in common, such as if they've already covered a game in the same genre or field. WHY SHOULD THEY CARE?

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Brandon Sheffield - Necrosoft Games director, Gamasutra editor From the developer’s side; It's incredibly difficult to get coverage for mobile games, I've found that targeting platform-specific media is the way to go. From the Journalist’s side; Tell me why I might be interested in this game over the myriad that are similar. What’s the story behind the game? Who’s the team and what makes it unique? WHAT’S THE REAL STORY?

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Mark Brown – editor of Pocket Gamer PocketGamers The number one tip is to target your pitch at each individual site. Figure out what type of games that site writes about and the types of stories it does and then suggest how your game or your story would be the perfect fit for their site.  FIND THE RIGHT FIT

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Brandy Shaul – Editor at Inside Mobile Apps / Inside Social Games. Be timely in your pitches. If your game has been live on the App Store for more than a few weeks, it's often too late to ask for coverage. Your game may be the only thing in your world, but it's one of *many* things in ours - and I mean that in the most respectful way possible. No offense meant. TIMING IS EVERYTHING

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Craig Chapple - Deputy Editor, Develop Try to explain why the project should be of interest to the journalist and the site they work for. In Develop's case, some unique mechanics/tech. If the team itself has an interesting backstory, that's great! Tell us! KICKSTARTER’S TAKE NOTE

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Lena LeRay - Writer for IndieGames.com You could have the coolest game pitch I've ever seen, but if your email is too negative in tone (i.e. insulting or downright depressing), I'll just delete it. POSITIVE VIBRATIONS

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Oren Todoros – Mobile PR Specialist @Plarium Relationships take time, and are worth investing in. This is especially true for PR and Building a long term brand. "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently." ~ Warren Buffet ONE STEP AT A TIME

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ressources Epocu - An easy and free way to hype upcoming games & test new game concepts. http://bit.ly/1wNY8XH Reddit - The IndieGaming subreddit is a great place to link your YouTube trailers, preview, reviews and game demos.  http://bit.ly/1wNYePd YouTube – Get to know the yourube community of creators in your app’s genre,. Work with them to increase your reach Socialblade - Helps you track YouTube, Twitch, Instagram ad other social media channels & creators. socialblade.com

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Thank You Oren Todoros OrenT@Plarium.com @OrenTodoros +972 52 7596512 Skype: OrenTodoros