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@lindsaylee13 @lindsaylee13

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Email is Your Friend; It Does Not Suck. @lindsaylee13

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You Can Create Emails That Perform Well and Deliver Results. @lindsaylee13

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The subscriber experience is the flow in which someone digests your email before converting. @lindsaylee13

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From Name Subject Line Preheader Open Preview Pane Full Message Tap/Click Landing Page @lindsaylee13

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From Name ?

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@lindsaylee13 Subject Line ?

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@lindsaylee13 Preheader ?

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@lindsaylee13 Open

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@lindsaylee13 Preview Pane

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@lindsaylee13 Full Message

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@lindsaylee13 Tap/Click

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@lindsaylee13 Landing Page

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Concise Content Over Length Your email is a doorway into other channels Tell them the essentials

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Scannable Layout Clear headings One or two column layout Contrast of weight and color for content distinction

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Make Your Calls to Action Obvious Only have a few moments to catch attention Can you narrow down to one main CTA? Repeat your main CTAs

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Be Transparent in Your Language NO Click Here Big Announcement! You Don’t Want to Miss This! New Items YES Donate Now Sign Up for Our Webinar Start Your Free Trial Now We Have New Shoes

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Remember Image Blocking When possible, use HTML text instead of graphical text Alt text is your friend

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Design with Mobile in Mind 65% of all opens are on mobile Single column layout Make headlines ~28px Body copy ~16-20px

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…More Mobile Considerations Think about elements you see in apps What can be communicated through icons? Let your content breathe Huge buttons

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Fun Stuff Animated GIFs can add extra interactivity Video…

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Email HTML CSS Images Text Design Links Hierarchy Web HTML CSS Images Text Design Links Hierarchy ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Some Ways Email and the Web are the Same

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Web <div> <h1> <p> em <style> background-color margin Email <table> <td> <td> px style=“font-face” bgcolor padding Some Ways Email and the Web are Different

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Time to Code Like its 1999

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Tables are Your BFFs Use nested tables to structure the layout of your email Poor support for CSS positioning, floats, and clears <table width=“600”><tr><td> <table width=“100%” cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0"> <tr> <td width=“250”></td> <td width="350"></td> </tr> </table> </td></tr></table>

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KYSS (Keep Your Styles Simple) Inline CSS Don’t attach styles externally Can use some CSS3 but proceed with caution <table> <tr> <td style=“font-family:Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:16px; font-weight:bold; color:#e98300;>Hi, I’m text!</td> </tr> </table> Hi, I’m text!

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Styling Block-Level Elements <h1>I am a headline</h1> <td style=“font-size:24px;font-weight:bold;>This is a headline in email</td> <p>I am a paragraph</p> <td style=“font-size:18px;font-weight:bold;>This is a paragraph in email</td> ? ?

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Format Perfect Images Style alt attributes Set borders to “0” Add style=“display:block” to prevent gaps Set height and widths <img src=“http://www.emails.com/image/cat.jpg” height=“250” width=“200” alt=“Cute kitty” style=“display:block; font-family:Helvetica; color:#0084ff; font-size:18px;” border=“0”>

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What About Responsiveness?

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Responsive Email Uses Media Queries

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There are tons of email clients out there @lindsaylee13

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Know Your Audience You never know…sometimes plain text emails will do the trick Look for the lowest common denominator

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Email Client Market Share Stats from Litmus’ emailclientmarketshare.com, June 2014

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65% of all emails are opened on a mobile device

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Test, test, test

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@lindsaylee13 Litmus Learning Center litmus.com/learning Email client market share Code tips

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@lindsaylee13 Email Design Review emaildesignreview.com Lots of inspirational email design

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@lindsaylee13 ExactTarget Blog blog.exacttarget.com Current market trends Home to the Email Swipe Files

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@lindsaylee13 Email Swipe File on Pinterest pinterest.com/exacttarget/email-swipe-file/ Curated examples of great email design

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@lindsaylee13 Some People I Follow on Twitter ETMC Design @ETMC_Design Andrea Smith @andreasmith77 Chad White @chadswhite Justine Jordan @meladorri Brian Graves @briangraves Anna Yeaman @stylecampaign

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Thank You! @lindsaylee13