How to Dramatically Increase Client Retention

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How to Dramatically Increase Client Retention with Clayton Wood Marketing Director

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Transform and attract long term clients that stay with you for years. Get over the “new client” hump with this proven formula for new client timelines.

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Clayton Wood Marketing Director, SEOReseller.com linkedin.com/in/claytonwwood

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Properly Assess the Site

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Recommend the Right Product Content UX Branding PR Accessibility & Speed KW Targeting Competition Much More

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Determine which will have an ROI

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Invest in areas that will have the most immediate impact on site performance.

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Set Expectations

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With Keywords transactional

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No On Page, No Rankings act like it’s a deal breaker

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With a Timeline

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Address potential issues before they arise, like fulfillment staff, ranking expectations or wrong keywords

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Know what else to recommend E-mail marketing pairs with lead gen products PPC pairs well with online conversion sites Social pairs well with social industries (fashion, travel, news, personal)

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New Client Touch Points

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Month 1 Schedule Show huge value in the on page (the report is worth way more than you’re selling it for) Watch for increases after OPR implementation

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Month 2 Check Up Review all traffic increases whenever they happen (send an email)

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Monthly Check Up Meet with them physically (build rapport the entire time) Seed future projects (email marketing, social media or design) Show them beating their competition

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Take every opportunity to help the client appreciate positive improvement

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Long-Term Retention Know your customers’ business Is he getting leads? (if not, upsell) Every 6 months revamps the keyword Sell supplementary products (things that make them go wow)

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