Rock Content Marketing in 2016

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Rock Content Marketing in 2016 with

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Who We Are Eric MacColl Marketing Director Eric Windell Customer Success Manager

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We provide original written content for thousands of companies through our curated community of high quality freelance writers & editors Content creation made easy

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Content Marketing in 2016

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Source: http://searchengineland.com/content-marketing-works-230337

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More B2B Marketers Use Content Marketing

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Why Content Works Brands that create 15 blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads per month. 54% more leads are generated using inbound marketing tactics than traditional paid marketing. Content marketing generates 3X more leads per dollar than traditional outbound http://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics Demand Metric

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What About You? B2B or B2C? Biggest content marketing challenge? Plan on creating more content in 2016 than you did in 2015?

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Marketers Are Creating More Content

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Top Challenge Is Creating Engaging Content

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There Is A Lot Of Content to Be Created

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How Is Your Team Set Up To Create Content?

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Content Marketing Takes More Than A Writer

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Content Marketing Takes More Than A Writer What topic to write on When to publish it Researching the piece Writing the piece Editing the content Formatting and finding images Optimizing the content for SEO Publishing content to your website Promoting the content on your social channels Measuring the impact of the content

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The Content Creation Process

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The Content Creation Process

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The Content Creation Process Team Content Manager Volume 30+ pieces of content published per month Content Blog Posts Guest Posts White Papers Slideshares Webinars Scripted Writers In-House 20% 80%

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5 Benefits of Using Scripted Focus More On Strategy Scale Your Efforts and Create More Content Keep You Team Small – Avoid Costly FTEs Keep Content Diverse and Fresh Save Time

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Using The Scripted Platform

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With Scripted Over 7,000 vetted writers We’ll match your project with the right writers Quality Guarantee Scripted Writers are only approved after a rigorous vetting process Multiple Content Quality Controls in Place All content goes through a third-party plagiarism checker Every Scripted order is reviewed by a Scripted Editor before delivery Your content workflow is housed in one convenient place Your Scripted account allows you to order content, message writers, review and revise pieces, all in one place!

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Three Ways to Order Content

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1. Ordering A Specific Piece of Content You have a topic in mind and you know the key points the writer needs to address. YOUR TITLE

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2. Post a Request For Topic Pitches You have a general theme, but would like writers to pitch blog topics specific to your company and theme. THEME

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3. Start A Post From The Topic Marketplace You’re not sure exactly what topics you want, but know you’d like to start ordering content.

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The Ordering Content Workflow

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Your Content Brief Noting your relevant industry areas When should I select Specialist?

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Before Receiving Your First Draft A Scripted writer selects my order Direct message your writer for quick communication Every order is reviewed by a Scripted editor - Content is checked for spelling and grammar - Editors ensure content meets your guidelines

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After You Receive Your First Draft A first draft is delivered for your review Feedback can be provided and any needed revisions requested

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Requesting Revisions Revisions are made and delivered within 3 business days

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Live Demo

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Summary Effective Content Marketing Takes Planning Creating Content Is More Than Just Writing A Variety of Content To Create Scripted Can Help You With Your Content Workflow Get Connected To Writers In Your Industry All Content Is Edited and Checked For Plagiarism

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