A Social Media Creative Team's Dream Brief

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A S o c i a l M e d i a C r e a t i v e Te a m 's DREAM BRIEF (and how you can make it come true) happymarketer

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If Account Executives are from Mars, then the Creative Team is… probably FROM A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY! happymarketer

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Sometimes deadlines are tight. Sometimes that certain piece of work has to be reworked. And sometimes, it just feels like we, the creative team, speak a different language altogether. happymarketer

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While the language maybe different, we’re more than willing to translate. Here’s how to give us a creative brief that will make things easier for us (and smoother for you). It’s a win-win! happymarketer

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1 TOO MUCH INFORMATION (it’s called a brief for a reason!) DON’T: Fill out the brief with unnecessary details or give us a whole list of pros of the product to work with. happymarketer

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INSTEAD, TRY: Answering this one question: What is the one thing you want us to dramatise? happymarketer

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2 THE ATTACK OF THE JARGON DON’T: Employ roundabout marketing terminologies and utilize grandiloquent verbiage. (See what we mean?) happymarketer

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INSTEAD, TRY: Straight talk that will engage and inspire. happymarketer

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3 CARRY OUT REBRIEFING - SECOND TIME LUCKY! DON’T: Brief us without fully understanding the clients’ requirements first! Multiple changes at a later stage = wasted time & effort. happymarketer

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INSTEAD, TRY: Rebriefing. After you prepare the creative brief, run it by the client to make sure that you’ve got the proposition right and that you’re not missing anything important! happymarketer

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4 AN UPSIDE DOWN BRIEF DON’T: Start with the long-winded background details, before leading up to the requirement and the actual proposition. happymarketer

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INSTEAD, TRY: Giving us the proposition first. We creatives are an intuitive bunch, so this helps us absorb the information better. happymarketer

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5 DIVE DEEP DON’T: Simply give us a superficial understanding (the Who, What, Why) and leave it at that. happymarketer

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INSTEAD, TRY: Doing your research and including relevant extras and examples. happymarketer

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A good brief eliminates misinterpretations. A good brief is the difference between pulling all-nighters and getting it right the first time, so that we can all go out for a beer. Care to join us for a round or two? happymarketer

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THANKS FOR READING! Compiled by: Sanhita Mukherjee & Riya Naskar GOT SOME INTERESTING STORIES TO SHARE ON CREATIVE BRIEFING? FEEL FREE TO REACH US OUT AT: www.happymarketer.com @hmarketer | hello@happymarketer.com happymarketer

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