When our affair with content means we cheat on conversion

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When our affair with content means we cheat on conversion

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A little about me. Kirsty Hulse @kirsty_hulse Founder @manym1nd5 Head of SEO Best Practice

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We’ve fallen in love with content marketing

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Over 85% of brands are doing it

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We spend a quarter of our budgets on it

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70% of brands created more content this year than they did last year

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Only 21% say they understand if this content has value 84% their top goal is “brand awareness”

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Retailers are becoming publishers and publishers are becoming retailers

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27% brand growth 2012 vs 2014 Jan 2012 Jan 2014 Jan 2013 Jan 2015

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This is great, but we’re missing something

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When you have high authority editorial content...

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...that content will rank for transactional queries

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Chinos Dinner Jackets Tom Ford

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Backpacks Underwear

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Long form editorial content is perfect for capturing informational queries, driving brand awareness and influencing purchase decision

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“You are looking to buy a new dinner suit. Which page do you think best suits your needs?” 84% 16%

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CRO Content All the money

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Optimising editorial content for conversion Optimising editorial content for conversion

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Audit your old blog content. Which posts are driving traffic? Where are the opportunities? Where are you missing out?

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Content performance increases long after launch date

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Don’t hide your CTAs

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Test, test, test

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Image quantity and quality and

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Don’t hide product recommendations

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Signpost product pages

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Un-optimise editorial content for transactional product keywords

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This doesn’t feel very sophisticated

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Content personalisation http://searchenginewatch.com/sew/how-to/2334157/how-personalizing-websites-with-dynamic-content-increases-engagement Content personalisation allows you to alter the content you surface depending on different factors such as search keywords, source etc meaning we can better align our content with user intent Lovely resource here

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Group keywords according to ranking page, and edit content according to source

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1. Expensive 2. Dynamic URLs?! No way!

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$49/pm Free! ?95/pm

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Include hard-coded text links behind dynamic content Submit an accurate sitemaps Keep both static and dynamic URLs short Make AJAX crawlable Create static URLs that link to the same content as each dynamic URL. https://econsultancy.com/blog/66827-penalisation-for-personalisation-google-dynamic-content-seo/ Lovely resource here Personalisation SEO Considerations

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