How to Create Unforgettable Facebook Content

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How to Create Unforgettable Facebook Content

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What We’re Going to Cover How to share RIDICULOUSLY valuable content Post ideas that guarantee you beat Facebook edgerank Content engagement hacks that will increase your reach by 650%

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The more you know about your fans, the better you can provide likeable and shareable Facebook content. Get Inside the Head of Your Fans

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Make a list of interests that are relevant to your business -- if you own a restaurant, your list might include dining, cooking, recipes, health, etc. Find Out What Content Your Fans Want 1.

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Find Out What Content Your Fans Want Make a list of people/businesses on Facebook who live or work within your area or range. 2.

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Find Out What Content Your Fans Want 3. Compare those lists, pull out the names that show up on both and use it for focused marketing effort.

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Find Out What Content Your Fans Want Armed with this info, you can now: Target people nearby and not waste marketing dollars Find other businesses for collaboration potential Curate content from local Pages Stop theorizing about your audience and begin working with hard data Remember to save that interest list and keep refining it!

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Herman Melville once said, It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. 2. Create Original Content

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People what to know what makes you unique -- what sets your business apart. So tell them! Shine a LIGHT on What Makes You Unique

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What makes you special? Why should lookie-lou’s become Facebook fans? What sets you apart from your competition? Use Facebook to provide answers to these questions. Create Differentiation

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Make Your Space Irresistible Want to work from home? Love hanging with your pet all day? Then Stella & Dot is for you!

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3. Share Content Your Fans Want to Read Want to know what kind of content your fans are interested in? Look to what they’re sharing! Search: “articles shared by people who like “your page” or “articles shared by people who are not my friends but like “your page”

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Analyze, Share and Ideate Get post ideas Share content you already know they want to read Create your own content around that idea

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4. Combine Search With the Facebook Save Feature Search for articles by industry influencers. For social media content, you could search: “articles shared by peg fitzpatrick”

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Save That Content Scroll through the list and identify the articles you think are valuable enough to save for later. These are now ready to share with your page!

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5. Find Pages Liked By People That Like Your Page Want to find other great content to share? Take a look at pages sharing similar content to yours! Run a search: pages liked by people who like “your page”

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Consolidate Them Into an Easy to Share Folder Now make that content easily shareable. Add it to a Post Planner folder.

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6. Repurpose Content From Your Website Blog posts Infographics ebooks Tutorials Landing pages for products Promotional videos

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Take One Piece of Content and Turn it Into Multiple Example 1: Donna Moritz @sociallysorted

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Take One Piece of Content and Turn it Into Multiple Example 2: Melonie Dodaro @meloniedodaro

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Take One Piece of Content and Turn it Into Multiple Example 3: Kim Garst @kimgarst

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7. Mine Your Data for Best Post Types Look to your Facebook Analytics to analyze what’s working and what’s not.

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Use Post Planner to Dive Into Types of Content Shared With Post Planner, you can sort based on likes, clicks and shares. Look at images vs. links vs. status updates.

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Use That Data to Share Better Content

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8. Write Unforgettable Headlines Headlines are super powerful! Your goal = become Buzzfeed worthyl

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How to Create Clickable Titles Keep Them Short Keep Them Intent Based Keep Them Targeted and Focused and…

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Make Them Sexy According to Hubspot: Have some fun with alliteration. "Foolproof Formula" and "Writing Wonderful." It makes something a little lovelier to read, and that can have a subtle but strong impact on your reader. Use strong language. Strong phrases (and, frankly, often negative ones) like "Kick-Ass," "Things People Hate," or "Brilliant" pack quite a punch. But use them in moderation. Make the value clear. Presenting the format and/or contents to a reader helps make your content a little sexier.

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9. Get on the Video Bandwagon Facebook Now Has Over 8 Billion Video Views Per Day Twice the amount users watched back in April, 2015 (via TheVerge.com)

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How to Use Video on Facebook Don’t just create any video content, create quality video content that connects with your audience. Use Live Streaming Video Tell Your Story Get Animated

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How to Use Video on Facebook Don’t just create any video content, create quality video content that connects with your audience. Use Live Streaming Video Tell Your Story Get Animated

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10. Ask Questions to Encourage Interaction Posting thought-provoking questions to your Page is one of the best ways to increase engagement. People love to talk if you give them a chance!

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Types of Questions You Should Post Fill in the blank (e.g. “If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to ______________”) Trending topics (e.g. “Who are you cheering for in the upcoming finals?”) Business-related questions (e.g. “What’s your favorite tool for increasing your productivity?”) Product preferences with photos: Show the choices, then ask your fans which product they prefer. Opinions on a blog post: Link to a post, then ask your fans a question about the post

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How to Get Inspired Head over to Post Planner and look under status ideas.

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Don’t Forget to Leverage Them Around Trending Topics

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11. Post Photo Quotes Photos receive 53% more likes and 104% more comments than the average post (some research suggests these numbers may be even higher). via wishpond.com

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Add Eye-Catching Images Consider adding an image to every post. Even if you just want to post a quick tip or piece of advice, find an eye-catching image to draw eyeballs.

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Let Images Help You Get Your Point Across

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12. Add Context to Your Link Posts If you want people to click on links to your blog posts, be sure to provide a post excerpt, backstory or a "what's in it for them" blurb.

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13. Post Frequently to Get More Reach Facebook organic post reach has fallen over the past few years. This means your posts often reach only a small percentage of your fans. Posting high-quality content more frequently can lead to better engagement and increased reach for your posts.

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