A WORLD BEYOND AD BLOCKERS: Using Relevance to Take Control of Social Marketing

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A WORLD BEYOND AD BLOCKERS: Using Relevance to Take Control of Social Marketing

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MARKETERS FACE MORE CHALLENGES THAN EVER fragmented channels distracted & fatigued audiences ad blockers

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let’s look at some numbers

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WHAT DO OUR AUDIENCES WANT? W W 50% of ad blocker users would stop blocking ads if they felt ad content was more relevant to them Adblock Plus survey #BeRelevant

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60% say they want information that’s more relevant to their interests eMarketer survey #BeRelevant

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say social media ads are very relevant digital display ads are very relevant 17% 9% #BeRelevant and marketers are failing

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here’s the real problem: Relevance is no longer optional Audiences dismiss content that’s not useful And marketers aren’t listening #BeRelevant

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we redefine relevance

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THE 3 DIMENSIONS OF RELEVANCE Marketers must deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time…at scale! TIMING “When” & “How” Ads featuring gymnasts during the summer Olympics Holiday content delivered in-season MESSAGING “What” & “Why” Clothing promotions displaying items similar to those purchased in the past Customer testimonials about benefits and quality TARGETING “Who” & “Where” Content featuring baby products served to new parents Ads targeted at specific markets and locations

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and we measure relevance

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RELEVANCE BY THE NUMBERS View these social metrics as indicators of relevance: Indicate positive sentiment and soft relevance Indicate how far our relevance has spread Indicate hard relevance and permission to continue the conversation POST LIKES, PAGE LIKES, & FOLLOWS IMPRESSIONS & REACH CLICKS, APP INSTALLS, FORM COMPLETES & DIRECT SALES

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W THERE ARE 3 TYPES OF SOCIAL RELEVANCE: Serendipitous Inferred Engineered Delivering relevance is easier if you know where and how to look for opportunities to create it.

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TYPE 1: SERENDIPITOUS RELEVANCE Chances are, you’ve already achieved it!

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Serendipitous Relevance is your best-performing organic content. It’s unplanned, and un-promoted People discover it on their own (and share it) because it resonates with them at that particular time and place WHAT IS IT?

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How do you leverage Serendipitous Relevance? Promote your best organic content and turn it into ads.

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TYPE 2: INFERRED RELEVANCE First & third-party user data in action

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Inferred relevance takes place when you leverage data about people and their interests to create and promote content that will resonate with them Example: Creating an ad for your product that references a popular television show, and targeting people with a known interest in that show. WHAT IS IT?

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Create Campaigns for: Audiences in key locations Audiences with known interests or behaviors. Or… Target highly specific audiences using CRM data HOW TO APPLY INFERRED RELEVANCE

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TYPE 3: ENGINEERED RELEVANCE Real-time, real-world event data, applied at scale

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Engineered relevance takes place when relevance is created through real-time reaction to real-world moments And then amplified at scale through automation technology WHAT IS IT?

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WHY IT WORKED Oreo knocked engineered relevance out of the park when the power went out during the 2013 Super Bowl. They pulled all 3 relevance levers: Targeting: Hungry Super Bowl fans Timing: During the Super Bowl (millions and millions of eyeballs) Messaging: The post was incredibly topical, clever, and attention-grabbing

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Create campaigns based on the real moments, large and small, that impact the people in your audiences And find the right technology to help you broadcast it to your target audience HOW TO ADVANCE TO ENGINEERED RELEVANCE

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TECHNOLOGY TO HELP YOU ENGINEER RELEVANCE You can use Brand Networks’ Open Signals tool to create simple rules based on real-world events, triggering social advertising to coincide with key moments in real time.

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v ENGINEERED RELEVANCE: REAL-TIME AT SCALE Change with the weather (temperature, flu, pollen) If odds of warm or cold weather are high or if the temperature passes a predefined threshold in any of 40,000 targeted metro areas, then trigger local, product-relevant ads. Data Feed: HAM Weather API The Trigger: IF the local temperature in any of these [A cities] dips below [B degrees]… THEN launch [X product ads] on Facebook, targeting [Y audiences].

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ENGINEERED RELEVANCE: REAL-TIME AT SCALE Sync your TV campaigns on Twitter and Facebook If a commercial runs on TV, then instantly deploy social ads on Facebook and Twitter in the same region featuring corresponding creative content. Data Feed: Civolution / Kantar Media The Trigger: IF my brand’s TV ads are detected in any of these [A markets] during any of these [B shows]… THEN launch [X Promoted Tweets] targeting these [Y television show audiences] on Twitter.

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ENGINEERED RELEVANCE: REAL-TIME AT SCALE Drive foot traffic based on local store sales If local store sales falls below a certain threshold, then deploy hyper-local targeted social ads driving customers in-store. Data Feed: Company’s Sales Data Feed The Trigger: IF the local inventory for these [A garments] rises above below [B units]… THEN launch [X product ads] on Facebook, targeting [Y audiences].

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relevance is all around us

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relevance is all around us but it’s up to you to find it

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And put it in front of the right audience

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at the right time

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and with the right message

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