Phone Calls And The New Customer Journey

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PHONE CALLS AND THE CUSTOMER Call JOURNEY To learn how phone calls fit in the new customer journey, Invoca analyzed over 32 million phone calls. We found that consumers across industries are making phone calls after engaging online. TALK IS POWERFUL No other interaction is more influential in the path to purchase than a phone call. CLICKS 2% Phone calls are quality leads that last an CONVERSION RATES PHONE CALLS 30-50 % average of... 4 m in 7 sec Executives rank phone calls as one of the most popularmin 7 sec to engage ways 4 customers, beating social media and in-person interactions. 1 (866) 604-2669 vs. calling... CUSTOMERS LOVE TO CALL WHEN... They want to make a purchase They need assistance They use mobile search 75 61 51 % % of mobile searchers say click-to-call is most valuable in the purchase phase.2 % of consumers say a phone call is the quickest way to get a response.3 say they “always” or “frequently” need to call a business from a mobile search ad.4 MOBILE DRIVES PHONE CALLS With a smartphone in just about everyone’s pocket, phone calls are flooding in. DESKTOP DISPLAY 11 % DESKTOP SEARCH MOBILE SEARCH 45 9% % MOBILE DISPLAY TOP 10 MARKETING CHANNELS DRIVING CALLS 8% OFFLINE DIRECTORY 2% CONTENT/REVIEW SITES 6% RADIO 6% EMAIL 2% TELEVISION NEWSPAPER 3% 3% INTERESTING CALLER TRENDS Phone calls reveal a whole new level of understanding about your customers you can use to power better marketing. KEY DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION IMPORTANT BEHAVIORAL TRENDS Did you know the most popular day for calls is TUESDAY, which, on average, receives 48% more calls than Sundays? SUN MON TUES QUALITY INDICATORS Online display drives extremely high quality traffic with call durations averaging... Did you know MISSISSIPPI drives the most calls per capita? 5 mi n 7 sec 5 m i n 7 sec GET FULL REPORT The numbers are in: successful marketing depends on phone calls. Download the full report now for more insights into how calls are redefining the rules of digital marketing. Calls ar e Ri sing Under the Consum force of mob ile, custo ers ex pect qu mer be settle ick and for fat havior thumbs easy an has ev making olved. swers, on sm phone all touc and th calls m ey wo hscree ore th n’t ns. Co an ever nsumer . s are Easy Fo Call Consum r ers are spendin y. smartp hones journeg incre an asing nel customer d ad the omni-chan qu spend increasedmarketers are ta amounts of tim king ac e on th arter of phone calls in 85% in tion. In eir the role of global 2014 an those fact, m media d acco Research into dollars obile ad spen unted will be for ov d acco digital waste er a rding marke d unles to eM ting da s you arkete shboar bring r. But d. calls to billion You’ve Mobile your calls search got to will dri make ve 73 a smar it easy billion tphone calls to for cons business , to mak numbe umers, es by 201 e a ph rs and especia 8. 8 one ca click-to landin lly thos ll. Failin -call bu g page e on g to pu ttons in s will dr t phon your ph your ad ive aw e one nu ay pote s, webs mber position ntial cu ite, an stands d , size an stomer out an s. Mak d color d be su % e sure for op re to te timal re st its Making sults. it easy for pros step is pects % using to call call an and ho is the alytics of peo w they first ste to learn ple tha interac p. The t con efforts. with a more t with second business nect about Use th and re mobile after a your cu ese ins search spond ights to stomer do so to your of mo over the ph s make bile sea marke one. 9 data-b rchers ting click-to say acked -call is valuab optim most le in the izations purch ph . 2015 Ca ll Sources: 1. 2015 Invoca Call Intelligence Index 2. Teradata, 2015 Global Data Driven Marketing Survey 3. Google, The Role of Click to Call in the Path to Purchase 4. New Voice Media 5. See 3 2018 2021 73 52 DOWNLOAD THE REPORT Marke ting Ta keaway Consu : Make mers To It x lligence Inde 2015 Call Inte 2015 61 ase of Intellige nce Ind ex ase shopp ing. 10 6 855-383-2650

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