State of the Mobile Experience

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State of the Mobile Experience Nearly two thirds of the American population now own smartphones, and as those phones continue to get smarter, people rely on them for practically everything. But as they click, swipe, search and play, one thing has remained consistent: people still use their phones to call. Phone Addiction is Real Being glued to our phones is the new normal, but just how obsessed are we? 64 % of the American population owns a smartphone. People can’t stop reaching for their phones: 58 34 % consider themselves addicted to their phone. 29 % drop their phone at least once a week. % text and walk every day. Phone Calls Over Selfies We have email, social media, SMS, and countless messenger and video apps. But despite these options, people still love to have a conversation - even millennials. 79 17 of millennials make a call at least once per day. % When asked if they could use their phone to do only one thing... 38 % of respondents said they would use it for calling, more than any other option including messaging, social media, email and video. of millennials take a selfie at least once per day. % A Direct Line to Business When it comes to complex, expensive, or considered purchases, the small screen doesn’t cut it. 65 of people have used their phone to call a business in the past month. 24 $750 % who have used their phone to fill out a form. Top 3 industries people want to call: % Insurance are calling about a purchase of $500+ Healthcare 58 + $500 24 vs % Financial Services % are calling about a purchase of $100+ $250 + $100 0 Think About Callers or Lose Customers It’s through conversations that people build trust and relationships with brands. 34 % will only search for a company’s phone number for a minute or less before moving on to another company. 68 % 53 % will only stay on hold for five minutes. will search for two minutes or less. After a good phone experience... 80 % are likely to become a repeat customer. Get the Full Report Consumer data reveals the truth about our relationship with our phones. Download the full report now. 60 % are likely to spend more money with that brand in the future. Phone Addictio n is Real Mobile phones are a on all day e stop long to shop. Pe explore, and ma ople us shop, lea nage the e them rn, comm ir daily unicate, lives. There’s no doub t peop phones. le can’t In fact: stop rea ching for More th an a qu arter of millen nials us e their all of th phone e follow to do ing mor times a e than day: five c 58 % e bile Experien te of the Mo the truth about our76 % Sta reveals Being glu ed to ou r phones normal, is the ne but jus w t how ob sessed are we ? ta Send me Consumer da ssages with our phones Make ca relationship 67% lls 37% Update social media Watch 33% videos 27% Take pic tures of millen nials co nsider thems elves at least so addicted mewhat to their This ad phone. diction is so po multitas werful k - some people times at can’t he More tha the exp lp but n half of ense of people walkin their sa g at lea admit fety. to textin st once know ho g while a week. w many We don’t people even wa are tex nt to ting an d drivin g. text wh ile walkin g at least on ce a we ek. 55 % 29 % 27% Send em text an d walk every ails 26% 34 % Making a phon is still e call one of the mo st frequ ent activ ities pe ople us e of peop le drop their ph one at least on ce a we ek. their ph ones for , second only 10 % drop the ir phon e every da y. to messa ging. 4 Sources: Invoca // Nielsen day. People may lov e their means phones, they’re but all not be this mu ing ver ltitaskin y caref g ul with them. DOWNLOAD THE REPORT 855-383-2650 their conside r thems elves ad to their dicted phone.

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