What Is Account Based Marketing?

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what do mass emails, group texts, and ads all have in common?

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they get easier and easier to

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One message for everyone doesn’t work which means marketers are stepping their game up to earn customers’ attention.

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Account-based marketing is one way marketers are getting smarter about talking to potential customers.

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What is account-based marketing?

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ABM works similarly to how sales works. Rather than marketing to an industry, ABM targets individual companies with personalized content and campaigns.

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Here are big ways it differs from traditional marketing...

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Instead of broad-reaching campaigns that aim to draw large numbers of prospects to you, ABM decides which prospects are most important to close and develops campaigns that target them specifically.

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When done well, it can sometimes mean doing things that don’t scale. Things like hand-written notes or personalized gifts shouldn’t scale. If they did they wouldn’t be very personal, would they?

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...bet you didn’t see that one coming

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Account-based marketers gain deep understanding of accounts to create content and campaigns optimized for them, rather than targeting a broader industry or market.

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ABM’s goal is to “land and expand” using optimized campaigns to bring in new customers and act on opportunities to grow current accounts (i.e. cross-sell, upsell)

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Here are reasons it works

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Organizations with aligned sales and marketing teams see an average of 32% annual revenue growth (less aligned companies reported an average 7% decline.) That’s from this Forrester survey

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Account-based marketers focus on accounts instead of leads, just like sales does. Having a common goal means they speak the same language and work together to close more accounts.

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Because ABM is so targeted, sales and marketing resources are used efficiently to focus entirely on the customer. Resource waste is limited, and conversion is more likely because every touchpoint is personalized just for your customer.

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One of marketing’s biggest challenges has always been justifying budget. A 2014 ITSMA survey stated that “Nearly all B2B solution providers that measure Account Based Marketing (ABM) ROI find that ABM delivers higher ROI than other marketing initiatives.” And what better way to talk about ROI than new deals in the door?

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Everything is personalized and targeted! Instead of blasting everyone in a market, you’re creating a personal marketing experience for someone! Like a webinar just for your brand. How compelling is that for the customer!

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Account-based marketers love customers and when they really understand their accounts, customers love them, too.

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