Top 3 Ways To Get Featured On SlideShare

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I bet you that this deck will be featured on slideshare’s homepage. (best way to receive tons of views)

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how can I be so sure?

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It’s not rocket science.

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here are the top 3 reasons this deck will most probably get featured:

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1. If you share valuable insights or interesting content, your chances of ending up on the homepage will be higher.

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1. Marketing advice Recent news A bad ass cookie recipe Anything people care about Travel advice Secrets Social Media tips Inspirational stuff Trending topics Lifehacks

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2. A killer slideshare will not get noticed if you don’t share it wisely via all available social channels.

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2. Use SlideShare’s clip function to get snapshots of your best slides and share them on social media Use relevant keywords and hashtags to increase visibility when you share your content Don’t stop sharing until the bird drops. x

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3. Make sure people open your deck by having an interesting title and a well designed cover page.

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3. vs. vs. You get the point.

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try it out! let us put the slideshare team to work :)

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And here are six topics to get you started.

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These topics can help you get featured on slideshare (feel free to steal these) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

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Shout-out to Ross Simmonds and his awesome deck “Why Content Really Isn’t King And What Actually Is” Click on the image to view the deck

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Do you need help with your Slideshare marketing? Or any other presentation? Send me an email and we’ll discuss. damon.nofar@gmail.com http://damonnofar.me @damonify

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