6 Top Social Media Trends That Will Transform Your Business in 2016

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What are the TOP 2016 SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS THAT WILL TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS? SOCIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE WILL HAVE TRANSFORMATIVE POWERS 1 Social media has shifted how your company interacts and engages with prospective buyers and customers. It's taken a passive relationship marketing approach and put it on steroids. If you want to provide obsessive customer support, you need to get your team onboard. Here’s how! Set up processes. Plan and put the process in motion ahead of time. Make sure everyone is empowered to make decisions and knows when to involve other departments. Use practical examples to build the case for social customer service. Share real-life examples of positive customer resolutions in social channels. This will work as visual support that social customer service can and does have an impact. Be where your customers are. To reach your customers and interact with them on a personal level, you need to spend time in the same space as your customers. Find opportunities to surprise and delight your customers. This includes humanizing your company and brand. Quit trying to speak at your customers and instead speak with them. Make your brand relatable and approachable. 78% OF CUSTOMERS HAVE BAILED ON A TRANSACTION OR COMPANY BECAUSE OF POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND NOT BECAUSE THEY WERE UNHAPPY WITH THE ACTUAL PRODUCT OR SERVICE THE COMPANY OFFERED. (SOURCE: AMERICAN EXPRESS) 78% 2 SOCIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE WILL HAVE EMPLOYEE ADVOCACY IS TRANSFORMATIVE POWERS THE NEW NORM Did you know: your employees have 10 times more followers than your company and 8 times the engagement you do. (via Cisco) Whether your employees are overly active on social media or not, 2016 is the year for advocacy. Here’s how to tap into their loyalty. Be clear on the guidelines Let them know what would constitute a violation Share social media best practices Give examples of what they can and cannot say 3 VIDEO CONTINUES TO TAKE THE SOCIAL WORLD BY STORM From Periscope to Blab, Facebook Live and YouTube, 2015 was a huge year for video marketing. But watch out, 2016 is ready to blow that rapid growth out of the water. How to use video and repurpose for a lifetime of evergreen content: Search through Google Analytics for high-trafficked posts Create 5-6 bullet points from each post Record a short Periscope with one point (a how-to or tip) Schedule a 60 minute Blab and use that content to write a blog post, craft a few quick tweets or create shareable and branded visuals. Any way you look at it, video is the content gift that keeps on giving! 5h 31m PEOPLE ARE NOW WATCHING AN AVERAGE OF 5 HOURS, 31 MINUTES WORTH OF VIDEO EVERY DAY. WOW! (VIA EMARKETER) 2015 4 BUSINESSES (FINALLY) GET SMART WITH INFLUENCER MARKETING If you want to market through a group of eager promoters, you need to tap into your brand ambassadors or company influencers. Where and how can you get started? Begin by identifying your top 20 supporters. Use tools like Social Mention (http://www.socialmention.com/) and Commun.it (http://commun.it/) to see who's tweeting and sharing your content. Now get active with them on social media. Share their content, respond, interact and build rapport. Start putting together your outreach campaign. Add all potential ambassadors to a new email list. Create copy for your first touchpoint. Get it started with a welcome and explanation: Create a welcome video Put together your landing page and opt-in for those interested (you need to gather name and address to send them some swag) Write 2-3 additional emails as follow up Create a Facebook group to easily share news with your ambassadors This is only the tip of the iceberg. Let your heart and creativity be your guide! 5 COMPANIES LEARN HOW TO SHOW, NOT TELL Want to gain the attention of your audience in 2016? You need to get visual! What we know - posts with graphics are getting more attention, traction and engagement than those without. An estimated 84% of communications will be visual by 2018. (via Inc) Posts that include images produce 650 percent higher engagement than text-only posts. (via Inc) Tweets with embedded images get 18% more clicks, 150% more retweets, and 89% more favorites. (via Buffer) Adding a photo URL to your tweet can boost retweets by 35%. (via BuerApp) 95% of B2B buyers prefer short bite-sized content (via Demand Gen) Adding a compelling visual or graphic to a post can generate up to 94% more views than plain text. Stop talking at your social media audience and include them in the conversation with vibrant, fun, entertaining and always engaging visual content! 6 MOBILE IS NO LONGER AN OPTION, IT’S A NECESSITY TO SURVIVE 3.65 billion mobile users access the internet and social media via smartphones. That’s one whopping reason to hop on (and stay on) the mobile marketing train. (via We Are Social) Here's how to make your social media posts mobile friendly: Size your posts according the exact specifications for each social network. Add context to your content. It's no longer enough to throw a piece of content out across social media. If you want to grab the attention of a fast moving mobile market, you need to get visual. Visual marketing has social media superpowers. Put them to work in your 2016 strategy. Create short form, snackable content to improve readability and engagement. Use a call to action - always. Don't assume your mobile readers know what next step to take. Be clear and concise when asking them to click, like, share, retweet or comment. FIND PLAN POST www.postplanner.com

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