Top 20 Most Inspiring and Memorable Commercials of 2015

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1 Petit Bateau: The Mini Factory The first global campaign since 2010 of the French kids clothing brand is bursting with youthful play. It reminds you that kids threads are far more like army fatigues than exclusive costumes, and so, have to be durable enough to stand constant testing. Photo: fubiz.net

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2 Tesla Motors: Fireflies Tesla doesn't like to spend too much on their marketing (really though, do they even have to?), so how about a ready-made spot delivered by their loyal fanbase? A very realistic video, although developed entirely using digital technologies. Oh well, Volkswagen probably can't expect to receive such a gift. Photo: vimeo.com

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3 H&M: David Beckham + Kevin Hart H&M is trying to find out whether the soccer superstar already has a worthy doppelganger. The latter is played by the actor and comedian Kevin Hart. The ad is engaging and funny from start to finish, for the entire 6 minutes. This shows that long video formats can also do their job even if they aren't action-packed. Photo: hyperbeast.com

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4 Scrabble: Anagram Lovers A love story told using anagrams. There are very few brands that could successfully use this kind of narrative, being so close to its core product, which is obviously Scrabble. As stated by Mattel, employing the idea of anagrams is a gesture acknowledging high IQ levels of Scrabble enthusiasts. Thank you very much! Photo: youtube.com

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5 Cycling Canada: Hop On Canada This Canadian project promoting cycling is among the most well-crafted and comprehensive I've seen. Of course, the sheer idea of advocating such an initiative deserves an applause, however, you also have to appreciate the campaign's main spot which is something you haven't seen yet. The official website is also great (hoponcanada.ca).

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6 Allegro: What do you need to complete your life? The campaign by the biggest Polish auctioning site neatly reminds you about the things that really matter in life. Is it a beautiful, sterile home interior, or a home full of family love? One of the best Polish ads in 2015, founded on deep values. Photo: vimeo.com

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7 Honda: A Stop Motion Brand Story This spot has set a new standard when it comes to brand-based storytelling. The entire thing has been created using over 3,000 hand-drawn pictures in stop motion. Show and tell without talking too much. Photo: creativereview.com

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8 War Child UK: Protecting Children In War A unique and very realistic portrayal of the suffering of defenseless children from countries ravaged by armed conflicts.
 A strong, maybe even brutal message, which is nevertheless only a glimpse of what these very young war victims have to endure daily all around the globe. Photo: flipboard.com

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9 Emirates: Hello Jetman A spectacular and awe-inspiring spot by the Dubai-based airlines, who boast, among others, the biggest plane purchase (worth $99 bln) in the history of civil aviation. The video was shot a mile in the air, and the preparations of the airborne formation took over 3 months. Make sure you watch the making of vid too. Photo: youtube.com

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10 Nike: Short a Guy In this campaign, Nike came up with an excellent way to display their wide range of sports gear for various disciplines in under 2 minutes. Without even saying much about the product display, this dynamic ad is simply an eye candy. Photo: slamonline.com

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11 Mercedes-Benz: Mountain Rescuer For years, Mercedes has been supporting GOPR - the Polish Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue organization. Within the scope of cooperation, each unit receives a vehicle for their local operations. The BBDO Warszawa agency has developed an ad involving the provision of another 8 vehicles to GOPR. Photo: menadzerfloty.pl

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12 Ad Council: Jacob's Story Autism is one of the fastest growing children's developmental disorder in the world. The Ad Council campaign draws attention to the problem and employs POV storytelling to urge parents to watch their little ones' behavior more closely. The project also provides expert knowledge on early detection of autism. Photo: adweek.com

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13 Sony: Test the power of MHC-V7D This isn't your average campaign because it actually is a nonstandard test of a SONY speaker, whose visual result has naturally become an ad for the product. With that being said, no one in 2015 has managed to visualize sound in a more spectacular way. Photo: irishtechnews.net

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14 Team SKY: Oh Watt A Wonderful Christmas! A Christmas neon powered by legs of cyclists from the professional SKY team is in my opinion the most creative idea for a holiday season vid. Moreover, Pinarello, who sponsor the team, gained very natural brand exposure. It may be the case, that this selection was a bit biased, considering to my passion for cycling. Photo: Team SKY

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15 Gillette Venus Swirl: #MovesLikeNoOther The ad was shot entirely underwater and stars Gana Maximova, the swimming coach and olympic gold medalist. The camera operator was a member of the BBC who specializes in nature documentaries shot under water. 2 days of work resulted in 6 hours of sensual stuff. This is how much Maximova spent under water. Holding her breath. Photo: youtube.com

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16 Delta Airlines: On The Road If you have travelled a bit in your life, you'll know what the lead character in this ad goes through. Sooner or later, we all end up in an unfamiliar place, thinking we'd rather be boarding a plane headed home. Isn't that true? Photo: vimeocdn.com

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17 DC Shoes: Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream The dream of an Australian stunt biker, who wanted to catch the wave while riding a motorcycle became a reality after two (!) years of preparations, including tech modifications of equipment and constant attempts to ride monstrous waves. This is a breathtaking project that has been watched worldwide. Photo: hexskin.com

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18 The North Face: Never Stop Exploring This beautifully executed campaign of the popular outdoor gear brand strives to trigger the part of our being that longs for adventure, spontaneous escapes and discovering previously uncharted grounds. It hits the nail on the head with everyone who considers their life to be one, great adventure. The campaign conveys the brand spirit well and remains consistent with its other ads. Photo: neverstopexploring.com

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19 Hyundai: A Message To Space Motor companies love to take it to the next level with their campaigns. The Hyundai Genesis ad was no exception to this. The story of Stephanie, who misses her astronaut dad working at the International Space Station, found a happy ending. The ingenious message has been recognized as the "The largest tire track image” and entered into the Guinness World Records book. Photo: fasttocreate.com

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20 Adidas: A There Will Be Haters A standout Adidas campaign featuring the leading athletes sponsored by the brand as recipients of hate speech coming from the opponent team fans. A controversial campaign whose format and pop culture references have sat well with expectations of the online audience. Photo: adamnoteve.net

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