7 Brilliant Social Media Campaigns to Learn from in 2016

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7 Brilliant Social Media Campaigns to Learn from in 2016

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#1: Pittsburgh Penguins Click-to-Reveal The Pittsburgh Penguins tweeted a trivia question with an interactive twist: when you clicked on the image, the answer revealed itself in a new image. ?

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#1: Pittsburgh Penguins Click-to-Reveal We saw a growing number of brands put their own spin on this tactic in 2015, and it’s an easy one to test for your own company’s Twitter account in 2016. Here’s how to create one of your own click-to-reveal Twitter images.

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#2: Taco Bell Bitmoji Engine on Twitter Emoji hit the big time in 2015. Given Taco Bell’s propensity for youth-oriented and trendy marketing, it was no surprise that TB used emoji as part of its marketing strategy this year. When the new taco emoji hit mobile devices, Taco Bell announced that fans could tweet @TacoBell with the taco emoji and another emoji, and Taco Bell tweeted back an entertaining emoji mashup.

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#2: Taco Bell Bitmoji Engine on Twitter It’s a great reminder that social messages in 2016 should always speak your audience’s language.

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#3: Cinnabon Is Sweet on Snapchat To launch its Snapchat account, Cinnabon partnered with social influencers Danny Berk and Evan Garber to take over Cinnabon’s Snapchat, asking fans to share snaps of sweets.

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#3: Cinnabon Is Sweet on Snapchat Cinnabon garnered 2,000 followers in two days. Why Snapchat? Jill Thomas, VP of marketing at Cinnabon, said, "I loved the idea that [Snapchat] was very one-to-one and personal.” Even if your audience isn’t on Snapchat, partnering with industry influencers to share and promote content will be a goldmine for better reach in the new year.

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#4: GE Rocks Periscope — With Drones. In 2015, GE launched #DRONEWEEK, a project that allowed “viewers to criss-cross the U.S. via Periscope and get a drone's eye view of ... where jet engines, locomotives, wind turbines and industrial machinery are made and tested to extremes, featuring interviews and expert commentary from GE scientists and technologists.”

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#4: GE Rocks Periscope — With Drones. Instead of simply Periscoping an existing event or launch, GE developed an entirely new idea to Periscope and share, reminding us that livestreaming can take many forms — even for brands that aren’t in entertainment or consumer goods.

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#5: Lululemon Empowers with Spotify. Activewear brand Lululemon experimented with Spotify as part of its marketing in 2015, releasing two Spotify playlists that perfectly coincide with the brand’s fitness-driven aesthetic. The Lights Out. Go Run playlist currently has nearly 500 followers and features songs designed to deliver an extra boost of energy and focus to runners.

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#5: Lululemon Empowers with Spotify. Music and fitness go hand in hand, so Lululemon’s translation of activewear into playlists makes perfect sense. As you create marketing plans for 2016, think about what customers do while they use your product, where they might be, or where they might be going. Marketing to that state of mind and environment — like Lululemon did with music — can increase customer experience and brand loyalty exponentially.

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#6: Virgin America Flies High on LinkedIn. Airline Virgin America posts frequent updates and interesting articles on its LinkedIn page. But what makes the Virgin America LinkedIn presence exceptional is the frequent blogging by Richard Branson.

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#6: Virgin America Flies High on LinkedIn. The beloved entrepreneur Branson writes about topics ranging from work-life balance to finding joy in Halloween as an adult. His posts are then shared on the company page, which injects the Linkedin page with personality and fun. Some of your best content creators might be leaders in your company! Support them with writing and editing help. Make sure employees share content on LinkedIn, not just Twitter.

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#7: eBags Creates a Facebook Series. Travel bag manufacturer eBags knows that its customers are savvy travelers, so its Facebook page keeps customers coming back with tips to make travels even easier.

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#7: eBags Creates a Facebook Series. eBags regularly offers useful content on their page about packing, travel hygiene, and more. The content goes beyond self-promotional posts and discount codes to entice customers to return to the page — especially on Tuesdays for #TravelTipTuesday. Creating a series of valuable information on Facebook is a smart way to build anticipation for a certain day of each week and increase Facebook page traffic.

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… And that’s just the beginning! We collected 30 examples of brilliant social media campaigns in 2015 to learn from in 2016. Check out the rest now.

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