How to Conquer the Content ROI Conundrum

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How to Conquer the Content ROI Conundrum December 2015 Heidi Bullock VP, Demand Generation Marketo

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Content Marketing is a Big Deal Source: CAM foundation

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Content fuels your marketing programs Good content Good performance Sub-optimal content Poor performance

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Content is used across channels and programs to drive initiatives Demand Generation Brand Awareness Customer Retention Sales

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Content is not free

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Protect your budget for content initiatives Create the case for more budget for new content projects Keep or bring on additional resources Why should you care?

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You need to understand content ROI It shouldn’t be a mystery…

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But, measurement is hard

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Overview 8 Success Secrets Setting Goals ROI Real-life examples Q&A

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8 Success Secrets

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Success Secret #1: Agree on Metrics

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Example – What Metric Matters? Social Referrals Increased time spent on-site Pipeline

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Scenario So what?

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When Metrics Take Away Credibility Vanity Metrics Sound good and impress people, but don’t measure impact on revenue or profitability. Activity Metrics Measure what you do instead of what results and impact you have.

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When Metrics Take Away Credibility Cost Metrics Frame marketing in terms of cost and spending instead of results and outcomes.

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The best event programs incorporate intentional measurement strategies in advance. Success Secret #2: Set Goals Upfront

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Success Secret #3: Terminology Do not use cost metrics Be consistent Remember who you are talking to Wow, our engagement, likes, and Klout have never looked better! What are they ##$%^ talking about? sales marketing team

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Success Secret #4: Design Programs to be Measurable 955 shares (blog) 10.8K downloads 440 new names $35.7K MT pipeline

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Collect the right data to answer your question Add tags to measure Think about setting goals in GA Consider content grouping to see what topics perform the best Look at the landing pages report Look at page views Consider attribution modeling to see where content plays a role If you don’t have MA, you better have GA! Source: http://www.jeffalytics.com/google-analytics-tips-measuring-content/

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Success Secret #5: Have defined metrics for clearly evaluating content Early Late

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Success Secret #6: Build data into your review process Which content offer performs the best for this email program?

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Success Secret #7: Keep it simple vs.

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Success Secret 8: Measure, but focus on decisions to improve ROI Source: Infogineering Model

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Setting Your Content Goals

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Do not just jump to content tactics… I just love infographics!

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Goals for Content Marketing

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Set and prioritize your goals

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Demand Gen Example Detailed

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Setting Benchmarks

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Example Very early indicator

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Program ROI

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Which content assets work best for you at TOFU, MOFU, BOFU What blog post topics have the best engagement? Which content assets are best performing for a particular vendor (ex: paid email, paid webinar)? Which assets are good for bringing in qualified leads? Which assets are good for opportunity creation? What content works best in nurturing? Example Questions

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Track All Touches Across People Screenshot: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics

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First Touch 3 months $100K $100K

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Multi Touch 3 months $25K $0 $25K $25K $100K $25K

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(FT or MT) Ratio = Pipeline / Investment For Marketo: >10 is Great and <5 is Not so good

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Know what is effective at TOFU vs. MOFU More efficient at pushing leads through funnel More efficient at acquiring the right leads

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Example Website – 23K views, 10,283 downloads Email – 2,730 clicked Slideshare – 7,693 views Social impressions – 1,149 New Names - 517 Early Stage Later Stage FT opps – 5 FT pipeline – $130K MT opps – 25 MT pipeline - $1.06M

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Real Life Examples

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Example #1: Blog

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Your Blog

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Blog - Results From average 14 a week to 145/week - 10X growth!

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Blog Piece

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Goals: Brand awareness, lead generation Metric: blog share index and MT pipeline Timing: blog shares (month), MT pipeline (3 months) Questions: Which post has the highest engagement for the month? How did it compare on the Index? How many new names did a particular post bring in? Did this content help create pipeline? Which post had the best ROI? Blog Posts

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Create an index Compare to posts from previous year (same month) Compare with posts in current month One Method – Early Measurement

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Early Stage Assessment How are we doing compared to last year at this time? How are we doing compared to other posts this month?

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Later Stage Assessment time

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Comparison time

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Example #2: Large Content Initiative

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Thought Leadership Piece

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Goal: Brand awareness and lead generation Metric: engagement with C- level, new names, pipeline Timing: month one, three months out, 1 year Questions: Did we create C-level engagement? Did this topic resonate with our target audience? Did this post bring in any news names? Did this content help create pipeline? What were the top performing channels? How did the program do overall wrt to pipeline? Large Content Initiative

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Google Analytics

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Early Stage Assessment

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Later Stage Assessment

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Top Performing Channels

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Content ROI: The Magic 3 1. Establish Goals and ROI Estimates Up-Front 2. Design Programs to Be Measurable 3. Focus on the Decisions that Improve ROI

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