Content Marketing Mistakes Made in 2015 — and Ways to Improve Next Year

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Content Marketing Mistakes Made in 2015 And Ways to Improve Next Year Gregory Kennedy, AdRoll

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GREGORY KENNEDY KEARA CHO Director, Content Marketing, AdRoll Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Kissmetrics @iamgkennedy @kearacho A former designer and creative director. Gregory’s writing has been published in a number of publications including: The BBC, VentureBeat, YahooFinance and Entrepreneur.com. Keara is responsible for telling impactful stories for the Kissmetrics brand and its’ products. Prior to Kissmetrics, she worked at Salesforce, Bizo, and Chase. When she’s not telling stories or running campaigns, you can find this bay area native watching a Warriors game with family and friends.

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Content Marketing is Everywhere in B2C Kraftrecipes.com 1 billion views a year Pepsi.com Powered by Newscred globally

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Content Marketing is Everywhere in B2B Adobe’s CMO.com 2 editors / $1 million annual budget Nanagins Big investment in data and reports

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Why? Driven by Shifting Media Consumption

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What Gets Me Excited for Content Marketing? Digital content marketing is the most scalable and cost effective approach to marketing, ever. Traditional Media at Scale ● Largest circulation magazine: The Watchtower, 52 M Monthly ● Largest televised event: Superbowl, Seahawks vs. Patriots, 114 M Viewers ● Largest radio program: Tom Kent, 23 M Weekly Listeners Digital Media at Scale ● Facebook 1.4 B ● What’s App 700 M ● LinkedIn 468 M ● Instagram 300 M ● Twitter 280 M ● Tumblr 230 M

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What Does Content Marketing Include?

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You worked hard in 2015. So why were there still issued with your content?

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Problem: Too Impatient Did you stop investing in your content initiatives like social media or blogging because they didn’t show results in only 30 days?

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Solution: Great Content Marketing takes both patience and skill Promote: Educate: Capture: Creating Demand and Confidence Thought Leadership and Knowledge Turning Leads Into Opportunities Examples ● Press Releases ● Byline Articles Examples ● Blog Posts ● Whitepapers Examples ● Webinars ● Account Signups

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Problem: Too Self Involved Did you write posts for your blog only about your company, your product, your team, and your needs?

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Solution: Focus on your customers to find FONTS your marketing “sweet spot” Develop a deep understanding of their pain points and aim to create content that helps them achieve their goals. Lead Gen (Webinars, Whitepapers, Events) Content People Will Engage Content in Exchange for Information Possible Content Sweet Spot Blogs, Infographics, Videos, Newsletters, Social Media

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Problem: Too Smart Did you fail to understand your customer? Did you create content that was too sophisticated and hard for them to understand?

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Solution: Customers value products that solve their problems. Stay focused on your customer’s needs.

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Problem: Too Ambitious Did you poorly execute on your content plan because it was too ambitious and resource intensive?

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Solution: Start Small and Get the Basics Right

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Problem: Too Easy Did you fail to tie content marketing efforts to hard lead generation numbers? Did you measure success based only on raw output?

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Solution: Tie your content marketing efforts directly to sales. Start evaluating efforts on how many marketing leads your sales team can actually work, not just total responses.

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Problem: Too Insular Did you fail to develop a content partner strategy? Did you find like minded thought leaders to help validate your ideas and approach?

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Solution: Don’t Fear Rejection Just accept some rejection as par for the course and pursue multiple opportunities. How to Co-Market: ● ● ● Start planning well in advance. Agree on a topic that compliments both brands. Agree on your methods of promotion and set a numbersbased goal.

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Problem: Too Reactionary Did you post on social media infrequently? When you did, was it mostly in response to complaints?

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Solution: Get Excited About Social! 2.2+ billion active users on social, global penetration of 30%. Facebook alone has 1.49 billion global monthly active users

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Recap Things your content is not going to be in 2016: Too Impatient Too Self Involved Too Smart Too Ambitious Too Easy Too Insular Too Reactionary

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Recap What your content is going to be in 2016:

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Questions? GREGORY KENNEDY KEARA CHO Director of Content Marketing, AdRoll Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Kissmetrics @iamgkennedy @kearacho

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