The Science of Twitter How to get more followers and ReTweets.

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The Science of Twitter How to get more followers and ReTweets. Dan Zarrella Social Media Scientist

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Unicorns and Rainbows

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Why Twitter?

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The population of: France is 65,447,374 Britain is 62,041,708 Italy is 60,275,846 Spain is 45,989,016

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Setting Up Your Account First things first.

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Put a Bio in Your Profile

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Identify Yourself in Your Bio

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Put a Link in Your Profile

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Upload a Picture

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Takeaway: Take the time to fully set up your profile.

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Follow to Get Followers

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Takeaway: Search for relevant Keywords follow people using them.

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Following-to-Follower Ratio

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Takeaway: Don’t follow many more people than are following you.

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How to Tweet Good behavior, by the numbers.

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Tweets-per-Day Best Practice

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Takeaway: Don’t talk about yourself so much.

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Takeaway: Try to stay positive.

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Promoting your Content How to get the clicks.

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Takeaway: If you want people to click your links, Tweet slower.

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Takeaway: Tweeting about Twitter works.

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Twitter for Customer Service

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ReTweets-per-Follower 37

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Suggested Users are Less ReTweetable

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ReTweeting = Link Sharing

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Bit.ly is more ReTweetable than TinyURL

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20 Most ReTweetable Words you twitter please retweet post blog social free media help please retweet great social media 10 follow how to top blog post check out new blog post

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Ask for the ReTweet

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Takeaway: Ask for the ReTweet.

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20 Least ReTweetable Words game going haha lol but watching work home night bed well sleep gonna hey tomorrow tired some back bored listening

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ReTweets Use Longer Words

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ReTweets are “Smarter”

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Takeaway: No need to dumb things down too much.

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ReTweets are More Novel

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ReTweets are Noun Heavy

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ReTweets have More Punctuation

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Semicolons are not ReTweetable

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ReTweets are Less Emotional

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ReTweets are Social and Concrete

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Self Reference is not ReTweetable

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News is ReTweetable

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Takeaway: Try to be the first to break news.

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Men and Women ReTweet Differently

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Timing is Everything

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Takeaway: Later in the day is Better for getting ReTweets.

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ReTweet Cascades

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Twitter Tools How to scale.

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Dan Zarrella @DanZarrella