Guided Search explained

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Guided Search explained

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Average Pinterest user Over 70 million users 80% are women 50% have children Majority are 25 - 44

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Financial benefits of using Pinterest 1 pin = 2 visits = 6 pageviews = 10 re-pins = 78 cents (46p)

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750 million boards 30 billion pins The figure has grown by 50% within the last 6 months (Pinterest has been expanding into more languages) 75% of usage is on mobile devices A few interesting stats

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New Guided Search Released on 24 of April 2014 for Android and iOS Pinterest’s CEO Ben Silbermann said: “Pinterest after all is about discovering things that you didn’t even know are out there.” Guides users from a broad term to potential answers

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How does it work in practice 1. User writes down the keyword 2. Pinterest displays the categories (tags) to narrow down the search 3. User can choose more than one of those possibilities 4. The most relevant pins appear below

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Pinterest Search Engine Algorithm Note: Board’s titles, captions and comments are used to establish categories (tags)! Keywords in pins descriptions (at the beginning of this description) Keywords in the boards’ names and their descriptions (boards should have a broad keywords)

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Pinterest Search Engine Algorithm Keywords in the name of a picture/file Number of re-pins matters Short descriptions = more re-pins Keyword density doesn’t matter

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Businesses that should use Pinterest Fashion Home/garden design Food and beverages Household Weddings/events Travel Arts and crafts Children-related products

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Thank you for watching! Find me on Twitter @JoannaLangier For more detail on Pinterest’s Guided Search read the blog post here