An Overview by Digital Insights

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An Overview by Digital Insights

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Before we move ahead, let’s have a look at some facts about Lead Generation

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83% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business

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72% of all internet users are active on social media, a high percentage brands can’t avoid!

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Talking about Lead Generation Let’s take a look on different ways to do that on Social Media

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B2B companies that blog, generate 67% more leads than those that don’t. Image Courtesy: Thomas Hawk

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Create a Blog You need to provide quality information to your readers – which either educates them or solves their problem. You must have ‘Subscribe for this blog’- either at right hand side or at the end of the article. Also see: Best Blogging platforms, and how you can leverage them.

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B2B marketers who use Twitter generate on average, twice as many leads as those who don’t. Image Courtesy: Garrett Heath

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Use Twitter Cards With Twitter lead generation cards you can increase conversion rates by capturing in-app form fills from your followers. Run email-gated contests Lead Generation cards With these cards you will receive a higher level of sign up as its hassle free and becomes like a embedded landing page for your tweet. Also See: Things you should know about Twitter Card Analytics.

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Key Facebook elements

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Use Facebook Application and Ads Creating Facebook applications for your brands contest is great way to fetch all details about your user. With some people accessing Facebook 4-5 times a day, when they see your ad constantly on their news feed it will pique their interest. Making use of Promoted posts, to highlight your products and services is a great way to increase reach and visibility. 70% of marketers acquire new customers through this portal, Facebook is definitely not fading away.

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Facebook Offers and page tabs Facebook offers are the best, when your fans claim your offer it comes in their news feed. With this it exposes and has a higher reach, it the best word-of-mouth promotion. To attract your audiences, on your Facebook page provide valuable content and create relevant Facebook Page tabs. Here are a list of tools to create Facebook Page tabs.

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44% of marketers have generated leads through LinkedIn

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LinkedIn LinkedIn is more than just finding jobs on this portal. Reports suggest that Linkedin Ads provides you most valuable leads when it comes to B2B, and for others too. Start networking on various LinkedIn groups, be active and communicate with the active members. Keep a track on who is viewing your profile and start making those acquaintances your connections on LinkedIn.

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SlideShare SlideShare has 60 Million visits per month from across the globe. Visual is the way to go, as its easier to comprehend and its appealing at the same time. With SlideShare’s presentation your users can provide you all the details once then are done viewing your presentation. At the end of Presentation you can just add a form, which they can quickly fill and you have all the data for you to use.

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Retargeted customers are 4X more likely to convert than a new one.

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Remarketing You saw a product on internet yesterday and today you see some amazing offers from that site or about that product or maybe a related product. That’s Remarketing in simple terms. Remarketing is a way of following up with visitors that didn’t convert the first time they visited your site. It involves retargeting these customers with ads that are relevant to the pages or products they viewed on your site. These ads will be shown on other websites that the potential customer visits.

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Simple and clear CTAs are one of the most important element of Lead Generation

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Clear Call-To-Action Your Call-To-Action has to be clear, concise and needs to lure them. Provide a very strong value at the end of the post, which they cannot deny. Thus it is beneficial for your brand and the customer as both have been provided with value. Call-to-action promoting ebooks get almost twice the click through rate as promoting webinars.

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Giveaway and Freebies

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Giveaway and Freebies Free is everyone’s favorite word! When your users will see they are receiving something in-turn for a small task, they will happily do it. With them signing up, gives your brand the opportunity to showcase its product and services. Also See: Tools to help boost your Giveaways and Freebies.

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Social Listening

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Social Listening Your customers and prospects are talking about your brand online. You must tap into their conversations with the help of various 3rd party applications. With keeping a track on them, provides a great research for your future products. At the same time lets you monitor your brand image. Some great Social Media Monitoring tools here

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Google Analytics

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Google Analytics -To Track, Analyse And Rework Use Google Analytics to track, analyse and streamline the entire process of lead generation. Make sure to understand where people are clicking more on your lead generation form. Use ‘event tags’ read more here And if the results are not upto the goals you have set up, you can rework your strategy. It’s a great way to keep a track of your brand growth in terms of your objectives set-up.

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Quick Takeaway Lead Generation is still at the heart of doing business. Your audiences of today, can be paying customers tomorrow. You need to make use of all the above practices – Consistent content, Ads, Giveaways etc. to convert them into loyal customers.

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