Digital Strategy @JimRosenberg Division of Communications, New York

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1 Digital Strategy @JimRosenberg Division of Communications, New York Digital Strategy Partnerships

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Which of these tools will you use at work today? Our goal: Make digital media a tool to help core work – demystify social media, have it be just like any other utility. @jimrosenberg

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Digital Strategy Directions for 2014 - 2017 Refreshed content strategy: inform and engage with images, sound, and words Research, knowledge, data Facilitate global targets for fundraising Enhance global digital capability & storytelling Global blog & social media guidelines New unicef.org @jimrosenberg

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Digital Strategy in 71 words Social media is your embassy; a good website is your home country. Steady, consistent content is essential to engagement. Owned content > Facebook’s algorithms. The big picture is comprised of many, many details. The perfect tweet or flawless video takes time, effort, and money. People are your greatest asset – your own colleagues, as well as the people you serve. “People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.” #H2H by @BryanKramer If your clients sense you’re open and engaged, they’ll be that way, too. Same goes for your staff. @jimrosenberg

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Digital Strategy Create once, publish everywhere (COPE) @jimrosenberg

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Digital Strategy Meet people where they are, in their language Multilingual Mobile/mulitplatform Visual @jimrosenberg

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Digital Strategy Mobile, simpler, visual, targeted

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Digital Strategy Expert voices and views via blogging, live chats

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Digital Strategy Expert voices and views via blogging, live chats

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Digital Strategy Staff have a story, too 10

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Digital Strategy Knowledge and data across platforms @jimrosenberg

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Digital Strategy Visual storytelling

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Digital Strategy Co-creating and engagement Voice and personal narrative

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Digital Strategy Co-creating and engagement

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Digital Strategy Partnerships @jimrosenberg

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Digital Strategy People + Content Have a conversation, not a campaign. Global frame, local action. Take a global message that national markets/teams can adapt. Messages and calls to action should be easily tailored and localized by language, country. Have one integrated editorial calendar. Media, marketing, web, social, offline, visuals. Team: balance all-rounders with deep expertise. Do fewer things better. Find the storyteller in the elevator. @jimrosenberg

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17 Thank you! @jimrosenberg