When social media attacks!

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When social media attacks! How to deal with trolls, haters & unhappy people #SMDAYMIA June 29, 2014

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Here’s a guarantee … Someone, somewhere will get mad about You or your business. They will turn to social media to vent about it. If you don’t respond, they will become really mad and create a blog dedicated to how much you suck. #SMDAYMIA June 29, 2014

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This… #SMDAYMIA June 29, 2014

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Turns into this http://staciehuckeba.wordpress.com/ #SMDAYMIA

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Brands are leaving people frustrated 59% of companies monitor for mentions in 2014; down from 70% in 2010 #SMDAYMIA June 29, 2014

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Step one: plan Get positive stories out there on a regular basis Encourage your happy customers to leave reviews online Have specific steps for how you will make things right Refund? Coupon? Lifetime supply of tacos? Customer service email (with a real person behind it) or phone number set the expectation internally – 4 hours or 24 hours to resolve it? Empower your staff to make the decision & make it easy #SMDAYMIA June 29, 2014

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Step two: Monitor Use hootsuite, nutshell mail, tweetdeck , Facebook notifications or twitter search Have more than one so you don’t miss a beat If you don’t, someone else will… maybe even your competition #SMDAYMIA June 29, 2014

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Step three: acknowledge Be transparent & positive #SMDAYMIA June 29, 2014

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… and do it quickly! 24 hours later…. #SMDAYMIA

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#SMDAYMIA Never defend or lash out in anger June 29, 2014

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Please Do Not Feed the Trolls. It is unkind and unnecessary.

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Step four: offer to resolve it Do it IN public on the channel it appeared Ask the person to: Send a dm Call a specific phone number Send an email If you know the customer, contact them directly #SMDAYMIA June 29, 2014

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Deliver on the promise If your handle says “cares”, then show you care & stop selling to me. #SMDAYMIA June 29, 2014

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Step five: Learn from it Always look to improve customer service Was it avoidable? Is there a missed opportunity? #SMDAYMIA June 29, 2014

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A blue story #SMDAYMIA June 29, 2014 VS.

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How it could have turned out… More referrals more business More trust Brand ambassador #SMDAYMIA June 29, 2014

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