How to Use Online Video to Build Your Platform

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How to Use Online Video to Build Your Platform www.becomeablogger.com

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First Things First

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Determine the type of content you want to create. Usually fall into two categories: videos that showcase topics you're passionate about and those that bring customers in ? Choose a topic you are passionate about. Building an online platform takes a lot of work, but when you’re passionate about the content you’re creating, it’s much easier to see it through.

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Set the RIGHT expectations right expectations It’s not “if you build it, they will come.” Recognize that it will take a lot of time to build your platform. Make the commitment that this is going to be a long term thing. COMMIT to doing this and seeing this through. Start with your Smartphone ... then, get a gear kit to go with your phone. For $200 to $250, you can get a gear kit that gives you stability and great audio. for KIT ilize R b sta EA G ne ng to  one a o oph et ph methi G r icr o m u eed s e nal  e the yo er u n phon n ext reas Yo r  u eed a to inc isuals TED yo  n R ing  our v  STA u Yo  light  y T et y of o GE G lit a eed t qu  n You

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How to do well on camera

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Be Human. Be the authentic you. It’s ok to screw up. People aren't perfect.

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Give a little more of yourself. You are the same person, but in order for people to get the real you, you have to add more energy and let your passion shine through.

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Prepare your bullet points. makes your videos concise and effective have a plan gives you a sense of preparedness

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How to Get Exposure

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Use descriptive titles for your videos. Exercising for Lean Muscles make sure you’re covering a very specific topic for each of your videos. make that clear and specific in the title of your videos. Do your keyword research. find popular searches with relatively low competition. helps especially when trying to get Search Engine traffic. recommended tool: /adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner

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Share your content with everyone. start by sharing your videos with your friends and family. use your social platforms to get the word out there. Network with others in your niche. networking can go a long way to get you connected with the right people.

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Use Hashtags. # What this does: people will more likely find your content you can also search your hashtags to find people who are interested in your content. Find people who are asking questions. provide value to the people who are looking for answers and they will start to look to you as the expert. ??? Choose only a couple of platforms. You can't be anywhere effectively. Don't try to dominate every social media platform. Focus on one or two and go as deep as possible.

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More on this at www.becomeablogger.com

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