Why you Can Win with Social Media

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Why you Can Win with Social Media Greger Wikstrand, Managing Consultant

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Managing Consultant Enterprise Architect Focus on E-health, Agile & MTO Problems Social Media User since late 80-ies Expert Connect Member Core Europe Expert Greger Wikstrand Follow me: @GregerWikstrand Capgemini Expert Image credit: the author What?! A sheep in a business PPT?

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How can I maintain & expand my professional network? Problem: Stay Attractive & Remain Employable Social Media can Help You Win! Network How can I maintain & improve my professional competence? Competence How will I be recognized for my contribution by my peers? Recognition Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Maintain Relationships Find new Connections Solution: Use Social Media to Stay Attractive & Employable Help Your Company Help You Network Join the Conversation Test your Views Curate Content Competence They won’t know unless you tell them Recognition Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Sharing Pictures of Your Lunch isn’t New Image source: http://www.arkiv.certec.lth.se/dok/teknikoch/4_isaac.html Project Isaac ca 1994

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What Happens if you Don’t Do Social Media? Sharing this earned me 30 likes and growing on LinkedIN https://www.linkedin.com/nhome/updates?topic=5864840400878243840 Image credit: unknown

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How much Time are you Ready to Invest? A minimum investment is required for Success Perhaps you can spend less time on Facebook or Instagram?

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Where to Spend your Precious Time? Spend your time where it has the most Impact!

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3+1 Steps To Success ”You will be Assimilated!”

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Design Your Strategy Staying focused will help you succeed!

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Update Your Profiles Write a good summary Ask for References Link to Content you Created Get an All-Star Rating Customers use this (and your CV) to decide on your assignment! Who’s viewed your profile? These people could be your connections Image credit: the author

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Update Your Profiles Use an attractive background Use a professional photo Your profile and your recent tweets decide if you get followers! The text should be inviting White text + light background ? Image credit: the author

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Build Your Connections Make sure you’re Linked with All Your Professional Connections Use ”+” to invite a connection Outlook Social Connector Image credit: Microsoft Office Blog

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Build Your Connections Use JustUnfollow.com to copy followers and keyword follow! Potential high quality follower Copy followers & keyword follow Julian is a thought leader in #agile Image credit: the author

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Share Content Find or create content, share in a meaningful way! Image credit: the author and BufferApp

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Measure your Performance Which topics work for you? Are you reaching your targets? Are you on track? Use data to improve your performance! Image credit: the author

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Measure your Performance Use data to improve your performance! Klout matters! Image credit: the author & Capgemini

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Use Tools To Help Using tools will save time and precipitate success! These are some of the tools I use or have tried or have heard of. Including them here is not an endorsement but an example.

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Insert Your Success Story Here! ? Success Story

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Contact Information Follow me: @GregerWikstrand Thanks for your Attention! Image credit: Capgemini

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