8 Ways a Brand Can Avoid Being Muted on Twitter

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8 Ways a Brand Can Avoid Being Muted on Twitter

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In May 2014 Twitter unveiled a new “Mute” feature Twitter users can elect to hide tweets from people or brands they follow. Muted users can still interact with others, sending DMs and @replies.

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Other Twitter Mute FAQ: Muted users can follow you and interact with your content. You can follow a user you’ve muted. Muting a user will not cause you to unfollow them. @ replies and @ mentions from muted users you follow will still appear in your Notifications tab. Muted users you follow can still send you a direct message. When you mute a user, their previous Tweets will still be displayed; only Tweets from the point you muted them will be hidden.

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How to keep your brand from being muted We went straight to Twitter for the answer. Here are the most common responses.

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1. Too many tweets! Don't tweet excessively. Too many tweets, too often, and/or in a short span of time is very annoying to people.

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2. Tweets that are too promotional: Mind your manners. All brands need to find their balance in content that is simply useful to their audience and what is simply self-promotional. 3. No engagement: If all you’re doing is broadcasting your messages and not engaging your audience you are missing the point of social media, and your Twitter account won’t be very interesting to follow. Of course there are exceptions. Newsfeeds like @AP, for example.

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4. Irrelevant tweets: If you represent a fashion brand and frequently post about football or politics, you will probably lose audience. And that goes the other way around too. Don’t be

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5. Too personal: When representing an organization, having some human/personal touch to a Twitter account can be very useful in connecting with people, but you have to know your boundaries. Via Keep-Calm-OMatic

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6. Too many @’s and #’s:  Overused, they can make reading a chore. There are times when you are going have a lot of mentions and hashtags, like during a Twitter chat, but it shouldn't be a daily thing. Via http://howardogawa.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/facebook-hashtag/

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Don’t be boring! This shouldn’t require explanation. Tweets need to be interesting, useful or entertaining. Your organization’s presence needs to hold attention.

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8. Too much automation: some automated tweets mixed with human curation and engagement can work fine. But again, we have to mind the frequency.

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More info! Read the full blog post about what communicators need to know about Twitter’s Mute feature, and how to avoid being muted: http://wp.me/p16orh-2GB Diversify distribution of your brand’s content on the social layer with SocialPost, offering distribution of messages via topic-specific and carefully-curated social channels. Learn more about social media content distribution. @prnewswire