20 top tips & tricks

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20 top tips & tricks Andy Priestner & Meg Westbury 2013

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Check out all the NEW profile sections and fill them in (LinkedIn has changed for the better)

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Personalise your invitation to connect ‘I’d like to add you to my professional network’

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Say ‘hello’ after connecting

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Manage both your profiles - public & private

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Find a role model networker and learn from them

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Join a group and actively contribute to it

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If job-searching, success will come from networking and sharing NOT desperation

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Connect your connections (if you think they could collaborate)

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Update your status with meaningful & appropriate content (this is a professional network)

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Use an established connection to ‘get introduced’

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If job-searching, find a company insider to give you the lowdown

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A complete profile and smart use of keywords will improve your findability

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Write a recommendation or endorse a skill (don’t sit and wait to be recommended)

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If there is not a group around your area of interest or expertise, start one

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Promote your profile (customise your URL, get a badge, and add to your email signature)

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Check out contacts at your alma mater, via the alumni search facility

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Download and explore the sleek new mobile apps and use it on the go

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Check out company pages (they’re cool)

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Make your home page feel less cluttered by customising your news feed

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Connect, share, like – become a ‘good LinkedIn citizen’

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Connect with us on http://www.linkedin.com/in/andypriestner http://www.linkedin.com/in/megwestbury

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