Connecting with Your Audience

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Connecting with Your Audience Sheri Candler, The Film Collaborative www.thefilmcollaborative.org @shericandler @filmcollab

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Artistic mindset change

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Obscurity is your enemy

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How do I connect with my audience? Be remarkable

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X How do I connect with my audience? Be Social

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How do I connect with my audience? Be generous

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Don’t underestimate these tools

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Elements of a Marketing Plan Situation analysis Goals WHO? WHERE? HOW? Budget Timeline

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Goals of the production* Money Career launch—for your next project Audience/eyeballs to see the film Change the world A long-term, sustainable connection with a fanbase * Hat tip to Jon Reiss

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Who is your audience?

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Mass, Niche, Core A MASS audience is term describing the largest group of consumers possible. Women Men Children Students

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Mass, Niche, Core A niche audience is smaller, narrowly defined, but an influential group of people. They have particular interests, lifestyles, media consumption habits, and varying levels of enthusiasm.

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Examples of a niche LGBT (gay) Environmentalists Parents Teachers/Educators Football fans Ballet

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Mass, Niche, Core A core audience is a segment of the niche audience. Their passion and enthusiasm drive the interests of the niche. Reach the core and you will reach the niche. If you have a core audience for you work, their support will help you immeasurably.

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Demographics? Too vague Need to understand interests and behavior Listening is key Speak directly to people, don’t make guesses

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Same demographics, but very different

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Who is your audience?

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Be clear on the core audience for your proposed film

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Where to find them?

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Where to find them?

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Where to find them?

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Assign the role

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Elements of a marketing strategy Identify target audience (no more than 3) Where does your audience congregate? What will be the visual identity and voice of the work? Implementation of connecting with your audience (this is the promotion bit)

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Tactics Website Email Social networking Crowdfunding Grassroots/community outreach Media pitches/publicity Media buys/advertising

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Budget items Labor costs $1K-$5K per month Website design $3-$5K Graphic design $2-$5K SEO specialist ($100-$150 per hour or $1500-$3K per project) Advertising (Social, PPC, video seeding) $20K+ Publicist $5-$30K Video editing (trailer/short content) $10K for professional Analytics-low end $150 per month Email program $30 per month (often free up to 2000 addresses) Web hosting $20 per month Ecommerce $15-$30 per month Festival submisssions $500

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Website Elements Home page/blog Synopsis/bios Press Kit-photo gallery Host/Find a Screening Contact Social media site buttons Trailer/streaming Email sign up Store

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Email database A daily habit of collection. BE PATIENT Ask for name and email address, zip/country code & Twitter handle Set a regular schedule for communication Tone down images, make the material scannable Monitor your open rates, unsubscribe rates, clickthrough rates, sharing

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Social Networking Sites

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Create little moments of connection

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Social Networking Anywhere online Not a broadcast medium Build relationships Post regularly Be fascinating Be prepared to pay for reach

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Think about content Photos Video Links to stories of interest to the audience Visual timelines Quizzes Polls

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Orange is the New Black

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

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Tiffany Shlain

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Keys to successful social Authentic voice Building trust/being interesting to an audience Content strategy/calendar Keep up with comments Budget Measurement

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Building up a following Participate on social sites. Join pages on Facebook, participate in Twitter hashtags, repin on Pinterest, favorite photos on Instagram, join Linkedin groups, G+ communities, comment on Youtube videos Facebook & Twitter ads Put buttons on your website for social channels

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Media Pitches What is newsworthy? Match story to outlet Craft not blast Relationships Assets in order

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Media Buys Marketing to strangers You’re paying for speed & reach Be super targeted Work with media buyers

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Core audience: Divine fans Niche audiences: LGBT, drag queens, John Waters fans, arts documentary fans Mainly used Facebook & Twitter Total theatrical campaign spend less than $25K 2 crowdfunding campaigns raised over $80K and led to over 1800 donors before the film’s premiere Case Study: I AM DIVINE

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Case Study: I AM DIVINE World Premiere SXSW 2013 Played over 200 festivals with screening fees Domestic theatrical 50 cities over 5 months for a total of over $80K 94% Rotten Tomatoes US ancillary sales-Showtime, DVD/VOD Sold in multiple foreign territories

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Core audience: Greek Community, Fish and Chip Shop Owners Mainly used Facebook/Twitter, advertising in specific media, phone calls Total marketing spend about $35K Completely self funded

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World premiere: Festival du Film Britannique de Dinard out of competition; Thessaloniki winner released in 70 cinemas in Germany, 23,850 admissions during the first weekend 7 week UK theatrical run 77% Rotten Tomatoes Multiple ancillary deals Breakthrough British Filmmaker nomination from London Critics Circle

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