Using social media for crisis management

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FROM THE FRONTLINE: Using social media for crisis management @WebTaniwha #NZSOMO

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DISCLAIMER:: * Know your stuff #justsayin @WebTaniwha #NZSOMO

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DISCLAIMER:: * Learnings through disasters & crisis @WebTaniwha #NZSOMO

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DISCLAIMER:: * The dreaded, after-lunch presenter @WebTaniwha #NZSOMO

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FROM THE FRONTLINE: What is your role? @WebTaniwha #NZSOMO

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Your role: Right information at the right time

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Your role: Champion the community

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Your role: Don’t follow, be a leader

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FROM THE FRONTLINE: Before an emergency @WebTaniwha #NZSOMO

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BEFORE: Develop your policy

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BEFORE: Define your staffing

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BEFORE: Prepare, practice, test, improve

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FROM THE FRONTLINE: During an emergency @WebTaniwha #NZSOMO

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DURING: Acknowledge asap, verify later

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DURING: Be authorative, facts & actions

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DURING: Turn releases into news bites

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DURING: Encourage sharing & help

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DURING: Live stream your press conference

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DURING: Deal to rumours #mythbuster

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DURING: Go behind the scenes

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DURING: Keep it relevant & localised

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DURING: Right channel, right message

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DURING: Use online map & mashup tools

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DURING: Track trends, use intelligence

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DURING: Website is still at the heart

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DURING: Stay visible, promote work

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FROM THE FRONTLINE: After an emergency @WebTaniwha #NZSOMO

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AFTER: Continue to monitor

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AFTER: Debrief, learn, share, update

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FROM THE FRONTLINE: Key lessons & tips @WebTaniwha #NZSOMO

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LESSON #1: Set clear goals & objectives

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LESSON #2: Delegate social media approval

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LESSON #3: Avoid spam & sattire

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LESSON #4: Focus your social media channels

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LESSON #5: Regular policy reminders

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LESSON #6: The USB stick is your friend

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LESSON #7: Google will help during crisis

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LESSON #8: Social media is only one tool

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LESSON #9: Celebrate & share the wins

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LESSON #10: Penguins really do trump cats!

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MORE RESOURCES: algim.org.nz/socialmedia google.org/crisisresponse @WebTaniwha #NZSOMO

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WRAP UP: Giveaway time #lovethetron @WebTaniwha #NZSOMO

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THANKS Jason Dawson GM Customer Relationships, Hamilton City Council 07 838 6507 | 021 912 571 jason.dawson@hcc.govt.nz