Get paid in tweets and go viral on Slideshare!

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Get paid in tweets and go viral on Slideshare!

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Uploading your slide deck to Slideshare is the best start obviously

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But once you have your audience’s attention

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Are you making the most of it?

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Here is a guide to getting more tweets

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At the top of your deck viewers have five options

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Why not ask for the ones you want?

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A bit like this

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‘Thank you, please share this presentation’

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Dude, calls to action are so cool

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But you have no control over whether anyone takes action

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Apart from when you use pay with a tweet, like this…

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Your reader can share, email, embed and like as usual

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But they will only be able to download in return for a social post

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It is quite the popular new way to pay for content online and it is quick for your viewer to do

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Three steps to setting up a pay with a tweet campaign

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Go to pay with a tweet, click new campaign and complete the form

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Post the link to your presentation even though it does not have a pay with a tweet button yet

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Upload you slide deck, then copy the URL from the address bar

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Paste the URL in the website URL field

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If you don’t have a website or somewhere else to host the slide deck, set up a free dropbox account

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Save your presentation as a pdf on dropbox

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A pdf can be used but not changed so you can control your original work

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From the dropbox icon click share link and then click the box that appears

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Copy the pdf link

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Paste the link you just copied in the Content-URL field

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Complete the form until you get to this page

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This link will go in your presentation to make your button work

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You can attach a link to a button, text box, specific text or shape

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Add the pay with a tweet link to your presentation

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Re-upload the new version of your slides

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And set allow downloads to no

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A click will now lead to a social post

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Like facebook, twitter or linkedin

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Research suggests that each post leads to 5-100 new interactions

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One final consideration

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If you want people to share your slide deck

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Pick a topic that is interesting or solves a problem

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And create slides that look good

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It is not as tricky as it sounds

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Copy a style you like on slideshare or

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These presentations might help

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