The Data Driven Approach to Social Media

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The Data Driven Approach to Social Media

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Leads Business Development @simplymeasured Below Average Ping-Pong Player @jeffgibb The Data Driven Approach to Social Media

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Simply Measured At A Glance

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Simply Measured At A Glance Trusted by 800 Customers, including 40 of the Top 100 Global Brands

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The Leader in Social Media Analytics

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Today’s Primary Data Source

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The Intebrand 100

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Do We Really Need Data In Social?

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We All Know Social Media Is Big Source: Search Engine Journal

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Brands Have Arrived, And They’re Here To Stay

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The Best Is Yet To Come For Social

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Social Is Becoming Increasingly Complex 2007 2014

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There Are 8-10 Major Social Networks

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Networks Change Every Month

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New Networks Are Constantly Emerging

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Data Overload Creates Opportunity

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The Gap Between Data & Results

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What Works For Leading Brands In Social?

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We’ve Seen Common Threads In The Data Visual Dedicated Experimental Consistent

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Growth Of The Visual Web Comscore – State of Digital Advertising Q1 2014

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Consumers Are Creating Visual Content

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Visual Content on Facebook

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Visual Content On Tumblr

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The Leaders Invest In Customer Service

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Activity Of CS Handles Increasing 91% YoY Growth

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The Best Of Both Worlds Top CS Brands Respond Quickly and at a High Rate

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Consumers Are There Around The Clock @AskAmex Aligns with Customer Demand

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Audi On Instagram

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Pepsi’s Cross Channel Assets

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Testing New Features Brands Adopt Facebook #hashtags

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Experimenting With New Content Types Lululemon Adopts Instagram Video

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Experimenting With Community

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Brands Begin Conversations On Twitter

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Brands Begin Conversations On Twitter

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3 Weeks Later…

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Coordinated & Integrated: Starbucks

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From The Fine Folks @Amazon

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#amazoncart Social Commerce

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#amazoncart Volume

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Social Commerce Will Continue To Evolve

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Data Driven Strategy By Network

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Data Driven Strategy By Network

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Facebook’s User Total Is Staggering “Facebook currently has more users than the entire internet had in 2004.” – Internet World Stats

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Facebook Has 3x Penetration Of Online Adults

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Facebook - Highest Frequency Of Use

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Facebook Is Changing Organic Reach Is Declining For Two Main Reasons: “There is now far more content being made than there is time to absorb it.” “Rather than showing people all possible content, News Feed is designed to show each person on Facebook the content that’s most relevant to them.”

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Data Driven Strategy By Network

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Twitter – Images Are A Game Changer

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Twitter – Images Are A Game Changer

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Twitter – Expanded Image Views Expanded previews have doubled the engagement per Tweet on pic.twitter.com photos for Top 100 Brands

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Twitter – The Domination of pic.twitter

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Data Driven Strategy By Network

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Instagram – Highest Engagement Rate Mercedes-Benz Has Over 400% Engagement As A % of Audience

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Instagram Emerges As The Fastest Growing Audience Instagram Consistently Has The Highest Growth Rate For Top Brands

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Top Performing Post – Mercedes-Benz 83% of Instagram Posts by Top 100 Brands includes at least 1 hashtag

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Instagram - #mercedesbenz vs. #instacars

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Data Driven Strategy By Network

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Tumblr – Longest Shelf Life Close To 30% Of Post Engagement Occurs After 30 Days

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Tumblr – MTV’s Visual Network Several Content Types, But All Roads Point To Visual

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MTV On Tumblr 2/3 of MTV Tumblr Photos are GIFs

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Data Driven Strategy By Network

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Vine – Impact On The Superbowl There Were A Few Winners On Super Bowl Sunday

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Vine – Emerging As A Key Advertising Tool Arnold & Ian Starred On YouTube, Vine And Network T.V.

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Vine – Leveraging Twitter To Distribute Engagement On Vines Posted On Twitter Tell The Story Performance Within Vine Is A Secondary Success Metric

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Adidas Invested In Vine Throughout #worldcup

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Vine + Twitter Created A Huge Audience Close to 80M Potential Impressions on Twitter Alone

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Let The Data Guide You!

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