Personal Branding through social media

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Personal Branding through social media ???? ?? ????? ?? ??????? ????? ??? ??????? ?????

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What’s Personal Branding?

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Why I care about Branding? Selling your self. Communication. Developing. Increase your Market value. Responsibility.

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What’s social media? websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

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Why I care about social media? 90% of companies announce vacancies on social media. Communication Is Immediate. You Give People a More Personal Brand Experience. Follow-up Is Easy. powerful tool for your business.

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What’s the best social media channels?

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What’s my Social media channels look like?

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So.. How can I start? Branding your self through social media not an easy task ! It’s your way for being Professional on your career .. people think branding your self is unnecessary! You have your business and you win so why I should brand my self? The answer is why I earn 100 $ per day if I have the chance for earning 1000 $ or more per day !! Big deal, isn’t ? So let’s start with some tips on your way for branding ..

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Ask your self .. Why I should do it? What’s my unique points I have? How can I do it? When should I start? Who’s my target audience? Where can I find my audience?

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You should.. Care about your content. Care about visual. Care about responding. Be human. Care about being unique.

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Make your profile professional… Write professional bio about you. Choose professional photo, cover for you. On some channels like (Slideshare, Youtube) choose the right tags which talk about your business. At first ask your friends for supporting. Share content continuity.

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Be… Trusted man. Yourself. Awesome person. Helpful. Add value. Friendly.

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Why you should be friendly? People love people. We all like respect. People have the choice. Even if some people don’t like you! you should Completed your way.

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Do… create a social profile that reflects your career focus. social share content relevant to your professional or career focus. lock-down your personal Facebook. social share and showcase your professional best. forget about the number of fans.

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People don’t like… Spamming. Rock people. High Ego. Content thieves. People who care about themselves only.

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Don’t… Be that guy [or gal] that social shares with negativity or criticism. Social share drunken Tweets. Use all Social media Channels. Have the same content For all channels. Be forgotten.

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Don’t…. Share “nothing”. Work without plan. ignore people. Work without message. Be lazy.

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Do not be afraid of … Low interaction. Quick reslust. Negative feedbacks. Changing. Loosing. Brand attack.

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Successful people on Social media

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Successful people on Social media

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Successful people on Social media

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and for sure…. Me !! :D

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In the end Trust your self, and if you have a dream on social media you will achieve it. You are special one, you need to make people believing on it…