11 Social Media Predictions for 2015

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Introduction What will 2015 hold for social media? Rather than just include my own predictions, as Community Manager for the CEO Registry’s SocialMedia.CEO community of social business leaders, I decided to reach out to the social media CEOs and see what their vision holds for all of us. The results are the following 11 social media predictions for 2015 from 11 social media CEOs. Neal Schaffer

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In 2015, social media will get increasingly mobile, with more apps for businesses and consumers to use. LinkedIn will emerge as the most important social network for B2B and Instagram will emerge as the most important social network for B2C.

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2015 will be the year social media is put in its place. It's an elemental thing, a tool, a means to an end: community, both online and off. By building communities we have stickier products and more scalable marketing. Social Media Marketers are being phased out in favor of Community Managers that understand social media in context of a broader ecosystem.

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Hey, what’d you score on your Twitter exam?” In 2014, schools will recognize social media as an asset, rather than liability.

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Social media users will use more Visual Content to reach their tribes – it’s proven that the more visual communication is, the more it is remembered; it makes a greater impact … & more smiles.

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If you don’t have a strategy to make your business mobile-friendly, you are already behind the curve. This is the year to invest in mobile technology and to make sure that your customers and clients can find and connect with you on any device, anywhere.

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The recognition that the new attention span is 7 seconds and having 80% of the content you share come from others will help you capture it.

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2015 will be about finding ways to create more with less. People are inundated with long, drawn out emails, newsletters, sales pitches, and business postings coming at them 24/7. Instead of adding to the deluge of posts, be willing to ask more questions about who, what, where and when to connect and engage with your audience, clients, and fans.

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I see an increase in CEO’s taking the social media bull by the horns and leading from the front to be the face of their organizations. Why? Because the realization of “People Follow People” more than they do companies or logos is finally setting in.

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I believe we are starting to see the segmentation, fragmentation, and demassification of social media. The major platforms are generic “mass” social media. I believe they must demassify to survive and prosper, as did print media before.

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To future proof their businesses in 2015 companies will need to get their staff and customers evangelizing them more on social and incentivize them for doing so.

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as the use of social media permeates the professional demographic, 2015 should be the year where CEOs start to take social media much more seriously. As more professionals and CEOs use social media for more business objectives, personal branding will become all the more important – and this will influence everyone into possessing their own domain identity on the Internet.

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