Scaling Authentic Growth

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Scaling Authentic Growth How Product and Marketing Work Together to Drive Growth December 8, 2015

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Key To Sustainable Growth Success

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Requirements for Organic Growth “Must have” product Compelling, authentic promise Users are proud to share

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Accelerate by Pouring Fuel on Fire

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North Star Metric for Growth Reflects value delivered to your customers Provides lens for measuring real growth and evaluating tests Examples: Airbnb nights booked, Facebook MAU (monthly active users) Captures several metrics (i.e. retention reflected in MRR and MAU)

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But First Things First

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Validate Product Market Fit “Must have” product for large market Ask users “How would you feel if you could no longer use this product?” Very disappointed (40%+) Somewhat disappointed Not disappointed N/A – I already stopped using

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Unlocking Organic Growth

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Research for Organic Growth Understand “Must Have” Users Who are they (demographics)? Why did they seek product (intent)? How are they using product? Key Benefit - Narrow by Must Have Ask 1st group: “What is key benefit?” (open ended) Ask 2nd group: “What is key benefit?” (multiple choice), “Why is that benefit important?” (open ended)

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Research for Organic Growth (P2) Crowdsource product description Have you recommended this product? (Yes/No) If Yes, ask “How did you describe it?” (open ended)

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Optimize Organic Value Delivery Home Page Messaging Hook: A/B test “hook” based on intent (best response) Promise: A/B test promise statements (stay true to “must have benefit”) Description: A/B test descriptions (best response) Onboarding to “must have experience”

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Scaling Growth

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Product Scaling Growth is Cross Functional Promise 1st Experience Ongoing Experience Acquisition Activation Revenue Retention Referral biz dev/APIs Marketing

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Product Core Growth Team Drives Testing Promise 1st Experience Ongoing Experience Acquisition Activation Revenue Retention Referral biz dev/APIs Marketing Growth Team

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Building Core Growth Team Start with Growth Master (PM Growth) Add dedicated people to core as needed to hit tempo goals Core often includes designers, growth engineers, analysts… Execute High Tempo Testing Process

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Testing Drives Growth Day 1: No certainty about how you will grow More testing = More discovery Rapid testing across all vectors Acquisition Referral Activation Revenue Retention Resurrection

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High Tempo Testing: Twitter 0.5 tests/week 10 tests/week Satya Patel – 2014 Agile Marketing Meetup

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Growth Team Needs Effective Process

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Unbridled Ideation

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Unbridled Ideation Build large backlog of ideas (my team 500+)

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Inputs for Growth Testing Ideas Ideas Tests Results Core Growth Team Drives Process

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Prioritize Backlog

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Formalize ideas in Experiment Doc Include research, hypothesis, target lever Keep general contributor ideas simple (no ICE)

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Compare Ideas by ICE Score

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Launch Tests

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Select Tests in Weekly Meeting Choose tests to launch (no brainstorming) Assign a project manager to each test PM Growth assist in releasing each test

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Example Growth Meeting Agenda 15 min: KPI review & update focus area 10 min: Review last week’s testing sprint 15 min: Key lessons learned from analyzed tests 15 min: Select tests for this week’s sprint 5 min: Check growth of idea backlog

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Capture Learning

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Capture Learning Details Every test leads to learning Organize learning for easy access

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Share Learning with Team+ Ideas Tests Results Core Growth Team Drives Process

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Example Test – Related Posts Add related posts to article summary Hypothesis: More time on site Result: Hypothesis validated …Article text…

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Another Example - oEmbed Data: Embeds = longer sessions Hypothesis: Same action = more embeds Result: 41% increase in embedded media Slides Videos

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Example Tests from Dropbox Revenue test Referral test Retention/Revenue test

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Sharing Landing Page

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Join GH Projects Private Beta at Projects.GrowthHackers.com Purpose-Built Growth Collaboration System: 1) Team Ideation 2) Prioritize Testing 3) Capture Learning