8 Tips for Beating Your Sales Goals in 2016

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Prepare for takeoff! Tips for Beating Your Sales Goals in 2016 Even small improvements in win rate can have a huge impact on revenue. Based on findings from The Top-Performing Sales Organization Benchmark Report, The RAIN Group Center for Sales Research has identified 8 key areas that contribute to higher win rates that will help you beat your sales goals and reach Top Performer status in 2016. Who are top performers? They are organizations that: Have high win rates Meet annual sales goals Have challenging sales goals Achieve maximum pricing 100% Top Performers are Top Performers have a 62% win rate 2x more likely to meet their sales goals The Rest have a 40% win rate 49% 1 get close to Your Customers Top-Performing Sales Organizations are more likely to agree/strongly agree that their sellers have expert customer knowledge and that their sales process is customer-focused and flexible to apply to buyers’ various roles and situations. +46% +45% Top Performers are 46% more likely to agree that their sellers have fluent, expert knowledge of their customers +34% Top Performers are 34% more likely to agree that their sales process is flexible Top Performers are 45% more likely to agree that their sales process is customer-focused 52% of all respondents did not agree that their sales process is customer-focused 2 invest in sales training Given that they invest more heavily, and their sales training is more effective, it’s no wonder Top Performers meet their sales goals and have higher win rates. Top Performers are 63% more likely to say they have a good or excellent investment and focus on sales training 44% and it’s effective! 27% 3 Top Performers are 2X more likely to believe their sales training is very/extremely effective Drive sales wins Across every sales skill area we studied, Top Performers have significantly higher skills than The Rest. The top sales skill of Top Performers: 68% of Top Performers agree they have the skills they need to drive and win sales opportunities (versus only 50% of the rest) Organizations that focus on driving sales wins actually win more sales opportunities. 4 Focus on value Most organizations talk about providing superior value to their customers, but few actually create a culture for training sellers to be valuable and customer-focused. Those who do: Are more likely to grow revenue 90% 72% 61% Have a higher win rate 54% 45% 81% Have lower undesired sales turnover 81% of Top Performers focus on driving maximum value 27% 39% 5 maximize sales to existing accounts Educate your sellers so they can discover additional areas of opportunity in their accounts and are able to sell the full capabilities of your organization. TOP 4 SALES PRIORITIES FOR 2016 OF 432 SALES LEADERS STUDIED 1 2 6 Improve customer retention, repeat business, and renewals 4 Top performers make account management a priority + they’re better at it! Improve ability to communicate value 3 of 75 factors between Top Performers and The Rest is ability to maximize sales at existing accounts—61% vs. 32% Increase business with existing accounts Improve sales opportunity approach and planning Set Challenging goals Top-Performing Sales Organizations aim higher and still achieve their goals. 100% of Top Performers meet their sales goals. 82% of Top Performers say their goals are challenging. 7 Discount less 48% 41% Organizations that discount more than 50% of their sales opportunities win only 41% of their sales compared to 48% of those who discount less frequently. You’d think that if you discount more, you’d win more, but this is not the case. Focus on your customer and providing value. 8 develop sales managers Top-Performing Sales Organizations are more likely than The Rest to believe sales management is more effective and productive. and reating tive at c ellers effec ders are energy from s and lea rs ing Manage maximum sell 32% ing stain su ting e at get effectiv ellers are anagers rom s Sales m performance f 29% m maximu he imizes t ent max ching m Manage spend coa ers manag s 55% 43% 42% time sale 28% only 55%! Even Top Performers have a significant opportunity to improve their sales management effectiveness. BECOME A TOP-PERFORMING SALES ORGANIZATION To learn how you can beat your sales goals in 2016 and unlock your sales force effectiveness, download our free white paper, Increase Win Rates and Beat Your Sales Goals in 2016, at raingroup.com/win. Boston • Geneva • Johannesburg • London • Mumbai • Sydney • Toronto www.raingroup.com info@raingroup.com (508) 405-0438

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