Optimizing Your Content: Top 10 SEO Mistakes

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15 Optimizing  Your  Content:   The  10  Most  Common   SEO  Mistakes Quinn  Whissen,  Marketing  Manager,  Vertical  Measures

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About  Me ● Vertical  Measures  is  a  50  person  search,   social  &  content  marketing  agency  in   Phoenix,  AZ ● Marketing  Manager  for  Vertical  Measures ● Columnist  for  Marketing  Land,  Content   Marketing  Institute   @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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What  I’ll  Cover 1. Most  common  mistakes  we  see 2. How  to  optimize  specific  types  of  content  like   video  and  images 3. Optimization  for  the  future @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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Most  Common  Problems  We  Find? 1. Unintentional   duplicate  content 2. Bad  backlinks 3. Over  optimization  and   cannibalization  of  target  keywords 4. Bad  and  duplicate  title  tags 5. Bad  and  duplicate  meta  descriptions 6. Poorly  optimized  images  and   videos 7. Page-­load   time 8. Poor  or  thin  content 9. Keyword  misfocus (not  aligned   on  the  same  page) 10. Blocked  pages   or  entire  site  (indexability issues) @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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An  example… @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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What  we  found… @QuinnCW #DDSUM15 After  5  months  of  intense  content  marketing  and  no  results…. ● Identified  a  penalty back  in  August  of  2012 ● Duplicate  content   issue:  same  text  snippet  shows  up  on  259  pages ● Wide  use  of  duplicate  or  near-­duplicate   content  in  titles/page  content ● A  big  issue:  100%  of  their  image  content  and  45%  of  their  HTML/text  content  is   hosted   externally  (not  under  the  domain). ● Lots  of  spammy anchor  text  in  their  backlink  profile Within  60  Days  – Traffic  Doubled…now  400-­500%  up!

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15 You  wouldn’t  build   your  house   without  laying  a   strong  foundation.

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15 Don’t  build content  on  a  foundation   of  shoddy  SEO.

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@ArnieK @QuinnCW #SMX #DDSUM15

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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Core  Elements  to  Optimization Web  Pages 1. Links  pointing  to  your  content  (Internal  too) 2. Titles  &  title  tags  (viewed  in  results) 3. Description  meta  tag  (viewed  in  results) 4. H1  Tag  (headline  tag  – only  one!) 5. Images  optimized 6. Page  load  times 7. Freshness  of  content 8. Mobile-­friendly @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15 Mobile-­friendly  update RELEASED April  21  2015

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Mobile-­Friendly  Update “Starting  April  21,  we  will  be  expanding  our  use  of  mobile-­friendliness  as  a   ranking  signal.  This  change  will  affect  mobile  searches  in  all  languages   worldwide  and  will  have  a  significant  impact  in  our  search  results.” @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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Mobile-­Friendly  Test https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-­friendly/ @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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Mobile-­Friendly  Test  Results @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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Title  Tag An  important  on-­page  element  (~55  characters). <title>Your  Keywords  Need  be  Here</title> @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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Meta  Description ● Mainly  for  conversions ● First  time  a  visitor  is  understanding  who  you  are ● ~115  characters <meta  name="description" content=“On  this  site  we  talk  all  about  everything  you  just  searched  for!"> @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15 H1  Tags ● Should  be  similar  to  page  title ● Tell  the  bots  what  to  expect  on  the  page ● Hard  coded  into  the  CSS  (H1,  H2,  H3,  etc.) ● Only  one  H1  tag  per  page <h1>My  Post  is  About  SEO</h1> <h2>SEO  is  Awesome</h2> <h2>What  is  Google</h2> <h2>People  Love  SEO</h2> <h3>Matt  Cutts  Loves  SEO</h3> @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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How  To  Optimize  Images ● Reduce  file  size.  Image   files  should  be  compressed.   Smaller   files  mean   faster  site  load   speeds. ● Use  relevant   keywords  in  image   filenames.   DONT: "DL000031.jpg",   DO: "red-­sports-­car.jpg" ● Make  sure  <img>  tags  have  their   "alt"  and  "title"  attributes   defined   with  descriptive,   concise,  keyword-­related   text.  Do   not  stuff  <img>  attributes. ● Context  matters.  Google   looks  at  content  placed   around   the  image,  like  titles  and  captions. @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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How  to  Optimize  Videos ● Specific,  Compelling  Title  –Would  you  click  on   “XYZ  Company”  or  “V00023.mov?”   ● Tags –This  is  where  you  can  help  your  video  appear   in  the  “Suggested”  or  “Similar”  videos  section. ● Description -­ Say  as  much  as  you  can  in  the  first   sentence  or  two,  so  the  rest  won’t  be  hidden.   Include  a  link  placed  at  the  beginning  – with  http:// ● Video  Quality  /  Resolution  – Shoot,  edit  and   export  the  video  in  the  highest  quality  available. @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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Penalized? @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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How  to  Tell  if  You’ve  Been  Affected @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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Webmaster  Tools  -­ Message @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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Recovery  is  possible @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15 The  Google  Penalty  Recovery  Kit Download:  VerticalMeasures.com/recovery

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15 How  do  you  position   yourself  for  SEO’s  future?

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15 What  are  People  Searching  For   93% 86% 86% 90% 93%  of  all   consumers  use   search  prior   to   making   a   purchase 86%  of   searchers   conduct  non-­ branded   queries 90%+  of  buyers   click  on  organic   links  vs.  the   sponsored  ads

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15 Buyers  are  searching  for   information  that  helps  them   make  an  informed  decision.

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15 Businesses  that  provide   that  information  -­ will  win.

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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The  Odds  of  Hitting  a  Grand  Slam @QuinnCW #DDSUM15 #DSDET15 Because  most  of  us  are  not  the  New  York  Yankees,  we   strongly  suggest  playing  MONEYBALL 1  in  4  at  bats  =  hit  (a  success) 1  in  36  at  bats  =  home  run  (a  big  success) 1  in  1,691  at  bats  =  grand  slam  (viral  success)

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15 #DSDET15 In  order  to  play  content  MONEYBALL,  you  need  to   come  up  with  hundreds  of  ideas  so  you  can  create   fresh,  USEFUL  content  on  a  frequent  basis. Here’s  how  we  do  it…

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15 Research  Tools Google  Keyword   Suggest Related Searches

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15 KeywordTool.io

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15 More  than  110   questions  about “napa  valley  wedding” (exact  match)  

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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List  All  Content  Ideas  in  a  Spreadsheet @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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Put  Together  An  Editorial  Calendar @QuinnCW #DDSUM15

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@QuinnCW #DDSUM15 Content  Editorial  Calendar  Spreadsheet  Template Download:  VerticalMeasures.com/calendar

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What  It  Comes  Down  To @QuinnCW #DDSUM15 1. Optimization  can  be  simple,  but  it’s  essential. 2. Don’t  confuse  Google! 3. Build  your  content  on  a  strong  SEO  foundation. 4. Be  the  best  answer  on  the  end  of  someone’s  search.

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@ArnieK @QuinnCW #DSP15 #DDSUM15 Thank  You! Tweet:  @ArnieK’s NEW  Content   Marketing  book  is  FREE  at   http://vert.ms/cmworks #DDSUM15

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