How GoDaddy’s Engaged Employees Fueled a Branding Reset

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How GoDaddy’s Engaged Employees Fueled a Branding Reset

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#EngageU How GoDaddy’s Engaged Employees Fueled a Branding Reset Stacey DePolo Social Media Manager at GoDaddy @sdepolo Dave Hawley VP of Marketing at SocialChorus @DaveHawley33

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When employees are engaged and well-informed, they will engage and inform their network. #EngageU

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Employee Engagement Leads to Employee Advocacy Employees who feel connected with the brand are also more empowered to advocate for the brand. 93% of employees say they would be good at advocating for the brand 87% of employees see the career benefits of advocating for the brand #EngageU

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Why Don’t Employees Already Advocate? 55% of employees don’t share about the brand because they are worried they’ll get in trouble 44% of employees don’t know what information they can and can’t share #EngageU

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What inspired GoDaddy to get started with employee advocacy?

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GoDaddy Wanted to Change their Brand Image Edgy advertising was off-putting to customers -- reputation and brand sentiment was at a low Reset the brand image by aligning brand messaging to internal culture Employees know the brand best -- tap into their pride to share the real GoDaddy story #EngageU

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#EngageU “If we really wanted to make this about-face as a brand, we needed to harness our employees’ passion to tell our story.” Stacey DePolo Social Media Manager at GoDaddy @sdepolo

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GoTeam Gets the Green Light Launched in January 2015 Allows employees to discover and share the latest company and industry news and content 22,000+ employee shares 44,000+ audience engagements $50M+ social impressions #EngageU

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#EngageU “The GoTeam employee advocacy program has been vital in scaling brand awareness beyond the capacity of our social team.” Stacey DePolo Social Media Manager at GoDaddy @sdepolo

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What types of content engage GoDaddy employees?

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Content that Engages GoDaddy Employees Thought Leadership Content Helpful tips and content for customers Take Action Now Company programs and contributions GoDaddy Life & News Company news and content Employee Generated Content Employee submitted content in the program #EngageU

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How GoTeam Champions Customer Stories Enable employees to live the brand promise -- Manifesto of Kickass Help very small businesses globally, start, run and thrive Make it easy for employees to celebrate customers’ successes with their networks #EngageU

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How GoTeam Drives Change #EngageU GoTeam empowers employees to support causes that are important to them, the company, and their customers Women in Tech Net Neutrality Veterans in the Workplace

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GoDaddy Empowers Employees to Join the Conversation #EngageU

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#EngageU “GoDaddy employees are proud to be part of an organization that takes a stand on these issues. Knowing this motivates and inspires them.” Stacey DePolo Social Media Manager at GoDaddy @sdepolo

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How does GoDaddy keep employees engaged in the program?

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How GoDaddy Activates Employee Advocates Started rolling it out by department Company-wide town hall meetings Recruitment roadshow Continue to motivate employees through: Email notifications and prompts Fresh and relevant content Competitions and incentives #EngageU

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What do you see for the future of GoTeam?

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Looking Ahead: Accelerate Engagement with Better Content Optimize content strategy Employee feedback and surveys Improve content relevancy through Content Channels By customer vertical and interests By employee location #EngageU

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Looking Ahead: Accelerate Engagement Through Mobile Apps Improve internal communications Mobile app Push notifications Customized content #EngageU

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#EngageU “With the mobile component, we hope to activate our advocates with real-time notifications and content.” Stacey DePolo Social Media Manager at GoDaddy @sdepolo

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Communication Messages and Quality Employees feel Drained A knowledge worker spends most of the week gathering and communicating information: Reading and answering email Searching and gathering information Communicating and collaborating internally Communicating and collaborating externally Publishing information Actual Work: Managing projects and people, analyzing information, creating content, and other structured tasks

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SocialChorus surveyed 1,000 employees from enterprise companies. #EngageU

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Workplace Communication Needs to Improve Both employees and managers agree that there isn’t enough effective communication internally. 94% of employees want to hear more about what is going on from leadership 68% of executives believe they do a “good” job of communicating #EngageU …Only 21% of employees agree

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The use of mobile to accomplish everyday tasks is increasing — especially for working professionals. #EngageU

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Create a Consumer Experience for Employees Employee communication strategies that adapt to consumer expectations work better. The majority of your workforce wants to receive company information via a mobile app. 82% of Millennials 76% of Gen X 54% of Baby Boomers #EngageU

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Meet the Only Daily News App for Work The SocialChorus app connects employees to the latest news and company content to increase productivity, engagement and advocacy.

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Interested in Learning More? #EngageU Download our ebook 4 Steps to Launching an Employee Engagement & Advocacy Program in 30 Days http://bit.ly/4stepstolaunch Request a Customized Demo 415.655.2700 http://www.socialchorus.com/tour info@socialchorus.com

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