SXSW 2014: Startups, Bow to Your Marketer Overlords David Berkowitz CMO, MRY david.berkowitz@mry.com @dberkowitz / @mry www.mry.com about.me/dberkowitz

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SXSW 2014: Startups, Bow to Your Marketer Overlords David Berkowitz CMO, MRY david.berkowitz@mry.com @dberkowitz / @mry www.mry.com about.me/dberkowitz

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What we’ll cover today Overview Brands Tech Speakers Resources

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Who am I? You can judge a man by his #selfies

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Meet The Man “The closest I came to meeting The Man at SXSW this year is David Berkowitz, the chief marketing officer of digital agency MRY.” - Casey Newton, The Verge

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The most ironic SXSW ever! 3 key themes Irony 1: Sharing privacy Everyone’s sharing public updates about the speakers and apps that are trying to protect our privacy Irony 2: Branded technologists In a striking inversion, the most successful technologies at SXSW were launched by brands Irony 3: FOMOgraphy The focus is often less about what you do there than how jealous you make the people who aren’t there

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Reach of SXSW chat: 2.45 billion

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Truth If you can't get business done at SXSW, you're not doing it right. – Peter Kim

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Brands #pwn Austin

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It’s a show about marketing, not tech

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Brands are the new startups “Once upon a time, long, long ago, SXSW was the place you'd visit to experience cool, new startup technology…. While there are still startups at SXSW and that remains a big reason brands attend, this year it was mostly big brands sharing tech wizardry.” - Steve Hall, Adrants

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Want to meet brands? They’re on stage everywhere

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Want to #win #sxsw? Combine #food & #tech

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Kind Bar gave a lift to Enterprise renters

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CBS made it rain for Under the Dome

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Pennzoil brings Mario Kart to life

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Of course, some marketers ran out of ideas this year

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Words to live by What is effective is invisible to the eyes From Effie Worldwide Blog, The Hidden Effectiveness of SXSW

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And then there was this little ol’ brand known as MRY (ahem)…

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We unleashed a 3D printed Rev Run army

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People loved their little Revs

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A true team effort

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We showed we cared #PoPbook

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Come on, get happy

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Old school!

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We’ll agree to not disagree

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Hundreds share #mrysxsw love

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Fine, tech was there too

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Not a show for breakthrough tech

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Omlet wins startup buzz Source: DigitasLBi

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Most Buzzed About Start-Up

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Secret captures the underground SXSW

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Avoid Humans lets you escape the mobs

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Samba introduces reactive video messaging

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Locus Social surfaces social, local trends

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Skully Helmets, Avegant Glyph wear their buzz well

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Want to be lord of the Ring?

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Pixc introduces a new business model for photo editing

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Least popular tech company? Uber!

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People REALLY hated Uber Source: DigitasLBi

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Most popular food trucks Dominque Ansel – Milk & Cookie 3D Oreo IBM Truck

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Explore more startups at #WiN30S

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Curiosity > Information Inspiring curiosity is the ultimate form of empowerment. – David Trahan, AgencySpy

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Privacy a hot topic for the most tweeted speakers Source: DigitasLBi

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“Stand up for your work. No one else can do it as well as you can.” – Lena Dunham

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“They are setting fire to the future of the internet. You guys are all the firefighters.” – Edward Snowden on the NSA

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“One of the best ways to achieve justice is to expose injustice” – Julian Assange, WikiLeaks

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“It’s not about reading facts on a Wikipedia page. To feel that knowledge makes you take ownership of that knowledge.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

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“People are far too skittish to talk about failures.” – Chelsea Clinton

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Resources Effie Awards roundup of what’s effective at SXSW (David Berkowitz contribution) Effie Awards: The Hidden Effectiveness of SXSW (David Berkowitz byline) Adrants: 6 Reasons Why SXSW is Still Awesome Keyhole Real-time tracker tracker: SXSW #WiN30S startup competition SXSW Startup Accelerator awards iMedia: 4 trends disrupting marketing strategies (David Berkowitz interview): AgencySpy: 3 simple yet impactful SXSW takeaways (David Trahan byline): Ad Age: How SXSW Became All about Innovation in Marketing, not Tech (David Berkowitz byline)

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THANK YOU David Berkowitz david.berkowitz@mry.com @dberkowitz / @mry mry.com about.me/dberkowitz