3 Content Marketing Hacks for SaaS Startups to Drive Results

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Content Marketing Hacks for SaaS Startups to Drive Results

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Content Marketing Hacks More and more SaaS startups are implementing content marketing strategies to engage and nurture prospects and close them into customers. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the game, you need to hack your content marketing to drive results. Well, we’re here to help. Check out our three content marketing hacks for SaaS startups: 2

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Content Marketing Hacks for SaaS Startups to Drive Results 3

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1. Increase brand awareness by upping the creativity of your blog posts. 4

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1. Align Your Marketing and Sales’ Vision of a Quality Lead We’re sure you understand just how important consistent blogging is to ranking highly in search engines and driving traffic to your site. But have you taken the time to think about the quality of your content? The better your blog posts, the more likely they are to be shared across your readers’ social networks, extending the reach of your content and increasing brand awareness. Think of new ways you can approach the subjects your audience is interested in and consider creative formats for your blog posts, such as interview or FAQ-style. And if time is of the essence, you can even source knowledgeable guest bloggers to write a post covering their own opinion of a topic or trend, exposing your brand to their audience, as well. 5

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2. Use marketing emails to improve customer engagement with your free trials. 6

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1. Align Your Marketing and Sales’ Vision of a Quality Lead A customer’s lack of engagement during your free trial is a major indication that they won’t end up purchasing your software. There are a variety of reasons this could be, from confusion about your platform to a lack of understanding of your services, but you can mitigate these issues through content marketing. Sending timely marketing emails to free trial users chalk full of resources such as user guides and walkthroughs will help them better understand the value of your software and encourage engagement. Take time to plan out a series of emails—from the welcome email post sign-up to the support documentation that you include in subsequent emails—that you can send your free trial users that will answer any questions they may have and address any potential challenges. Check out our previous post for more information on improving customer engagement with your SaaS product. 7

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3. Promote trust through displaying social proof indicators. 8

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1. Align Your Marketing and Sales’ Vision of a Quality Lead You can create the greatest content in the world—from blog posts to eBooks to landing pages—but if readers can’t trust your authority, that content will never amount to conversions and sales. Help prospects feel more confident in your business and what you have to offer by adding social proof indicators, such as reviews, industry awards and associations, and security badges, to your content assets. 9

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