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Personal Branding How to stand up and stand out as a digital marketer Erin Zefkeles| Bing Ads | @ErinZef Mel Carson| Delightful Communications | @MelCarson

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@ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY Mel Erin Global online marketing manager, Bing Ads Manage Bing Ads campaigns online including Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook in 20 countries, 7 languages College of Business Advisory Board – Washington State University Founder, Delightful Communications Manage social and PR efforts for clients in the digital market across the globe The accent us UK, the grin is because daughter #2 was born two weeks ago

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Defining Brand, Seth Godin …..the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Brand is Experience! @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Brand is Experience! @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Brand is Experience! @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Why Personal Branding in Digital Marketing? Crowded space with different skill levels and understanding. People are looking for you through search and social media. Showing up positively shows you get the medium. Many recognized accreditation programs to gain. Real opportunity to differentiate. @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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We Spend 27% of Our Time on Social Media c @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Shedding Light on Personal Branding @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Personal Brand Sweet Spot @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Elements for success @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Bonfires = Social/Community @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Fireworks = PR/Events @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Brand Building through PR and Social TRUSTED ESSENTIAL REMARKABLE UNMISTAKABLE @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Source: Rand Fishkin, Moz.com Think Inbound Marketing INBOUND MARKETING SEO Email Research/White Papers Infographics Social Networks Webinars Document Sharing Word of mouth Podcasting Q+A sites Direct/Referring Links Social Bookmarking Forums Online Video Blogging News/Media/PR Inbound marketing tactics amplify your brand and generate exposure through ensuring useful and relevant content is discoverable and shareable. @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Integrated Personal/Company Brand Approach @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Pioneers of Digital @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Your Personal Brand Needs Reflection @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Reflect on your educational background and experience. How did you get into digital? What are your professional passions? What do you find hard? Where would you like to be in 3 year’s time? @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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The Science of Great Content - AURA The DNA of successful and enduring digital content has FOUR main elements: AUTHENTIC USEFUL RELEVANT ACTIONABLE @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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@ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Online Personal Branding Tactics @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Online Personal Branding Tactics 18 @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Optimize Offline Image Successfully wear your Personal Brand in person as well as share it on digital platforms. Make what you say the focus, not how badly you dress! @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Branding yourself as a digital expert Authentic Educated Trustworthy @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Formal credibility @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Informal credibility What’s your message? Demonstrate knowledge, being up-to-date, a thinker Share, comment on and link to colleagues Submit posts to industry blogs Participate in interviews with industry writers Submit speaking pitches to industry events, starting with smaller local ones. @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Success Measurement @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Success Measurement @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Success Measurement @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Success Measurement @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Success Measurement @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Next Steps > Write down at least one action to take away from today. > Really think about how you’re presenting yourself on and offline. > Reach out to us at anytime! @MelCarson @ErinZef > Have fun and good luck. > Visit us at the Bing Ads Booth during the conference. @ErinZef | @MelCarson | #CZLNY

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Thank you Mel Carson| Delightful Communications | @MelCarson Erin Zefkeles| Bing Ads | @ErinZef

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