Engineering vs. Marketing

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Stereotypes: They’re fun because they’re true! Engineering vs. Marketing 5 Rules for Peaceful Coexistence

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Marketeerish to Engineerian Translation Marketer: “It needs more sex appeal…” Marketer: “We need something disruptive*…” (*insert marketing buzzword of the month) Marketer: “The market study we purchased says…” What Engineering hears: “I have no idea what I want. Now go do it!” What Engineering hears: “I read the dust cover on a Malcolm Gladwell book this morning. The words sounded smart, which made me feel empowered.” What Engineering hears: “We spent your annual salary on some charts illustrating common sense! Carry on.”

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Engineerian to Marketeerish Translation Engineer: “It’s a program risk.” Engineer: “It’s technically infeasible.” Engineer: “How are you going to pull that out of the mold tool?” What Marketing hears: “That sounds like work.” What Marketing hears: “That sounds like a lot of work.” What Marketing hears: “When will you openly worship my innate superiority?”

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RULE No.1: Use plain English (or your language of choice) One plain-English sentence is worth a thousand industry buzzwords. All too often, we try to hide a lack of real insight by using important-sounding lingo.

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RULE No.2: Cede all authority outside your areas of expertise Allowing competent professionals to do what they do best. Marketing serves a crucial role in a successful business, as does Engineering. For these to mesh well together, strong, mutual respect is vital.

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RULE No.3: Assume every request is difficult Nothing makes an engineer angrier than when someone in management asks if he or she might “just” do something with a design. When making requests, I find it’s best to always assume that it will require a herculean effort on the part of the person being asked, and to show appropriate gratitude for the work involved.

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RULE No.4: Be forthright When one group feels they can’t trust the other—as is all too often the case—it’s impossible to collaborate effectively. Whatever!?! Sure!?! Is that True???

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RULE No.5: Humility wins the day If there’s one thing common to all productive exchanges, it’s humility. When smart people sit down together believing that their collective intelligence is greater than that of any one individual, good things happen.

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