The 7 habits of highly effective Content marketers

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@webber_karen The 7 habits of highly effective Content marketers Karen Webber, Axonn Media 17 April 2014

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Ineffective content marketing by numbers @webber_karen ?4 billion – worth of the UK content marketing industry 52% - proportion of marketers saying their content marketing is less than effective ?2.1 billion – cost of ineffective content marketing

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A marketing assistant for the next 100,000 years 21 million hours of graphic design work by a junior 14,100 Virgin Galactic trips to space A 29 million year Netflix binge What can ?2.1 billion buy you? @webber_karen Or 10,000 Beyonces

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“When you build content especially for your personas, you build a relationship with people before you’ve even met them.” - David Meerman Scott Habit 1: Advanced content strategy @webber_karen

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Aggregate analytics data Behavioural information Interviews Surveys Third-party data 1: Content Strategy: Data @webber_karen

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1: Content Strategy: Personalising big data @webber_karen

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1: Content Strategy: Wearables @webber_karen

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Habit 2: Write @webber_karen 56% of marketers don’t have a documented content strategy. (Source: CMI) 100% of them are ineffective. (Source: Me)

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2: Write @webber_karen

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“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” - Henry Ford Habit 3: Innovate @webber_karen

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3: Innovate @webber_karen

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3: Innovate @webber_karen

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Habit 4: Selective @webber_karen

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4: Selective @webber_karen

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3 things you can do to strengthen your in-house team Processes Culture of content Outsourcing 4: Selective @webber_karen

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Habit 5: Money-minded @webber_karen Image: Tom Fishburne

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5: Money-minded @webber_karen

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Habit 6: Embrace marketing technology @webber_karen

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Habit 7: Get out @webber_karen

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Advanced, data-driven content strategies Write Innovate Be selective ROI minded Embrace marketing technology Get out The 7 habits of highly effective content marketers @webber_karen